Monday, 29 November 2010


Today and yesterday and the past weekend have been dark glooomy days, cold and windy and snowy and rainy and a bit depressing and frustrating. Sigh.

Thank God I had to go to work, otherwise I would have probably just ordered pizza and not leave the house at all. But then, I did see those few rays of sun that make life less dark and less gloomy and even if not, an adult should be able to rationally decide that the weather cannot rule our lives completely. Yes, it is difficult and irritating if you come back all frozen if you only go to the nearest petrol station to fill the tank but then realize you have to really hold the door or it will be blown away or at least damaged. And you sit in the car which is swinging left and right. Not nice. "Ne dobro", a British friend of my daughter's would say. Ne dobro at all. But then, at least I got to be at home most of the day. My daughter, for instance, spent most of Friday in the car. And why? Our road company (or whatever I should call it) does not clean the roads untill there is 10 cm of snow. Makes sense. But the huge lorries only learn by making mistakes: Will I make this climb (a few degrees is more than enoug for trouble)? Let me see. Ooops. Nope. I can't. In Slovenia you have to have winter tyres or good summer tyres+snowchains from the 15th November to the 15th March. Otherwise it can be quite expensive if the police stop you. And this law exists only because it happened too often that the traffic stopped because of the drivers with bad tyres.
And my dear daughter spent more than seven hours in the car for the trip that usually takes about two.

Anyway, it was quite normal this morning and now it's dark because the sun set a while ago. It does so every day.

And I will not whine about the dark and the cold and the weather - I choose not to - but I did need some more colour.

Now how do you like it?