Monday, 31 August 2009

A Fake Conference And a New Era

What do you need me for on Monday?

Our headmaster kept asking that.

He is retiring now. Today is the last day he is the headmaster. The new principal takes her position from tomorrow on. But she insisted: "I still have tons of questions I need to ask you. I'll make a list." Later on she realized that probably won't do and he just might go home too early, so she decided to have a conference.

Fake conference, I wrote, but it wasn't really. There were some things we needed to talk about and it came really handy to keep our principal at school by one o'clock.

Then he thanked us in a short little speech, we thanked him, there were a few thoughts said and so on. Finished at twenty past one.

He must have felt odd, leaving the staff room, no one trying to stop him.

Not for long. There were some fifty people waiting for him. We knew they were coming and we had to make sure he would be there. His "Why on earth do I have to be at the conference?" became needless and everything became clear.

The clear voices of some eight girls filled the lobby, greeted him and let him know there was something else prepared for him.

There were the representatives of local communities - the smallest units, smaller than the municipality - like from almost every village, some twelve of them. They ASKED us if they could come and thank this man whom they described as an upright, but modest Person with a capital. A Man. Someone who knew what people needed, cared about every young life, worked hard to do things right, but not to build a career, but to contribute. And I must say, they did not say a single word too many.

Evry five years he needed to be re-elected and for that he also needed the support of the staff. It is common that principals, even if there are no other candidates, get some 70, maybe 75 or 80% of votes. The really good ones maybe more. But I don't know any other principal getting 100% time after time. For thirty years. Can you imagine?

Each of the representatives had some thoughts, written on a scroll, they put it in a wooden chest so our principal can read it at home, on the couch in the evening. So they said. Handshakes and some tears.

And there was wine they brought with them. Bottles, chosen from their own production. From their vineyards, and yet, bottled in a manner that would fit any fine restaurant.

More songs, sung by the girls and by everyone present. we have this nice toast, saying "as many drops so many years, may God give us to live in ths world... "

We spent the evening together on Thursday, that was a much bigger event - he invited us all (some seventy of us) for dinner and we prepared some programme and presents. But we were careful to make him laugh rather than cry.

This time it was too emotional. He got the recognition he deserved, coming sponaineously from the local community.

Anyway, as soon as we knew he was going, we also knew it couldn't happen quietly. I'm just sorry I can't put the atmosphere and the emotions into words and write them here. Impossible.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

First Date

Here I was, sitting by my PC as I am right now, writing another e-mail to my online friend. I could hardly wait for each of his replies. I tell you: the guy knows wht do do with words. And I totally loved it. No empty talking, though (writing, I mean), but letters that actually told me something and intrigued me to write something back to express myself which obviously had a similar effect on him. Lovely!

He had invited me for coffee before, but I was reluctant to accept the invitation.

My friends (colleagues that is, but still - good friends!) half jokingly said sometimes that I should go out more: "We'll pick you up sometime, go for a drink and find you a nice decent guy!" "Yeah," I said "but why shoud I, who do not go to bars look for someone who does? Besides, how many such guys do you actually know?"

She had to admit I had a point there. I decided to accept what life brought to me and not rush anything. But then, five years after my divorce, I actually joined a website to meet someone. I didn't feel like I belonged there, but then, I thought, some other people might feel the same.

And there they were: his enchanting letters. And now, after two or three months of corresponding, I decided to go for that cup of coffee.

I came to the bar, looked around, seeing the man who fitted the description and remembered I had seen him before. With mixed feeling I approached the table, we greeted and ordered that coffee.

I don't remember well what we were talking about. Just getting to know each other, I guess, but we knew quite a lot already, from the letters. Which was good.

A few minutes later, there came tis woman, plunging into the room, greeting him loudly, asking him how he wam, adding: "May I join you?" Not waiting for the answer she grabbed a chair and there she was, sitting at our table.

I was wondering what was was going on, but said nothing. My MS, you see, doesn't quarrel. Or hardly. I guessed he wasn't pleased either. Her name was Leila, I told her mine, pleased to meet you (NOT!), she had coffee, too, exchanged a few sentences and left.

"I'm sorry about that, she should have known better, but that's just how she is." he said.

"That's okay," I realized he had nothing to do with that. She was an aquaintance, really, not even a friend. I got to know her a bit better later, and learned her behaviour that day was nothing exceptional.

When the day of the anniversary is approaching, we always say we should go for a cup of coffee to the same cafe. And we always ask the same question: "Do you think Leila will have time?"

But we never really ask her. We didn't today, either. Eight years after that first date.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Look what my dear daughter sent me this morning! How did she know I listened to these guys for years, singing along - No, I can't sing, why? - and just loving them so that they make me feel nostalgic every time I hear them? Except that I must have told her that a couple (hundred) of times? Thanks, dear! Love you!

Now, how do I embed a youtube video? Can't be that hard! Okay, got it!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Some More Pics

I will not be describing much more, I'll just add some more photos from the window and from our walks and a short text for some missing ones. My MS (Main Squeeze, remember?) had a problem with his ankle and so we couldn't pursue our usual mountaineering (we are so not like that!). But seriously, we would have walked more otherwise.

My walk with my favourite toy...

We wanted to know what "žlinkrofi" look like - the local specialty. It wasn't on the menu, but the chef said, they had some and we could try them. The dough is similar as for noodles or lasagna, the filling is made from dry pears. Yummy!

While we were eating, wearing T-shirts on a nice warm, day the snow was actually quite near. When I tried to catch it with the camera, I felt I could touch it. Look:

That night we also wanted to try the other "žlinkrofi" (no, you don't have to pronounce it), filled with meat and with cracklings on top, not crumbs.

I only tried one of those, I chose this for my dinner:

Not the best photo, but the food was delicious: mushroom soup (with freshest mushrooms, I tell you!) and hard-boiled buckwheat with cracklings.

Another cute wiew from the window:

See? Too small? Here:

And as they went, so did we. Full of impressions. And some plans.

We decided to stop at a spa on our way and go swimming a little. And those are the missing photos. My MS and I were swimming and being bubbled in whirlpools (MS: I told you last night you shouldn't eat those beans :), water was pouring on our heads and shoulders and my MS went on the slide quite a few times. Loved it. Now THOSE would be some pictures. Not taken, sorry.

Country road, take me home...

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Valley

Not the Vipava Valley this time, where I live, but the Logarska Valley. Here is where we stayed:

Both houses belong to the same family. They rent it out. It's called a tourist farm. We stayed in the upper house. Very nice. Simple and nice.

This was our room:

And yes, there was a TV, too.

Satellite TV. I could have watched it from the bed, but didn't, really. I just tried it once or twice. Out of 500 and something programs I couldn't pick anything interesting that worked. I could have watched Al Jazeera, but I decided to pass. Had no need for TV, really.

I didn't take any photos of the bathroom. Small and nice.

This was a nice spot:

Here we looked through the brochures we had gathered on the way there and read books. Bou only AFTER we had a good look of the view from the balcony:

But the balcony was not interesting and nice only from the inside out. It looks nice from the other side, too:

And there's another one on the other side of the house, just as nice. I didn't take a photo of it, really, only the flower pots:

So we went for a walk.

On our way we saw what I called a monument to goats.

At least that's what it looked like before we came closer. Because the goat standing on that rock was really still. Later it moved a little and even posed and looked into the camera.

Later that day we went for dinner to the place where they had these goats. And we made plans for the following day.

We went to see the waterfall nearby. It's called Rinka. We took our nordic walking sticks and off we went.

This is the waterfall:

Can you see that wooden building? It's called "Eagle's Nest". You can get souvenirs up there or have a drink. And make more photos, of course.

My MS made a huge mistke here by showing how macro works. So my almost favourite toy became my favourite one. And it's not even mine. It's his. he showed me that after we had our drink. This is why I can only show you an empty glass.

Yep, we had a shot of blueberry brandy each. Good. I took some more pioctures of the mountains around us. All sorts od ledges and holes!

And then we saw someting else:

Not a good sign, says the bartender. We didn't hear any bad news later, but then, I guess we wouldn't - without a radio or TV.

Going back:
Going along a nice pathway through the forest (about 60% of Slovenia is forest).

We didn't need this bench for weary travellers, but you must admit it looks nice:

They even found a special one to put on the curve:

These roots fascinated me. It's like nature made a mistake by starting a life of a plant on a rock...

... and tried to make it right by giving it some means of finding the resources to survive.

Let it be enough for today.


Friday, 14 August 2009

I'm Back

Where shall I start?

What time shall we start? I asked my Main Squeeze (LOL, I like that!) Seven? Nope, it's my vacation time (says my MS), seven is too early. So we decided we would have coffee at eight thirty and leave at nine. Fine.

So we did. And as we were not in a hurry, we also stopped in Ljubljana, our capital. We checked out a bookshop and actually bought two books for my MS's nephews. He also wanted to buy a straw hat, but he didn't like any of those the shop had to offer. Some other time, then.

We passed this square in Ljubljana. Something was going on there, we couldn't see a thing, some work in progress.

Are they building anything? Here? Nooo... Oh wait, there's a "window" in this fence where you can actually see something:

The note says: Have you found anything? Yes, AN URN, from the period of culture of urn grave sites, late iron era, 1100 - 750 BC. So they're excavating? Cool. Ljubljana has quite some history. In Roman times it was called Emona, but there was life and culture going on even before.

My MS had a comment right away: I bet the tape is not from the same time. Okay, maybe not.

The name of the city today is quite romantic. It has the same root as LOVE. And if you change only one letter, it says LJUBLJENA - BELOVED or LOVED. And it says in a brochure that THAT is exactly what the name means. How cool is that?

A few years (not many!) ago, there was this couple of tourists visiting Ljubljana, probably very much in love, who thought that the name was so beautiful (In love, I said!) they decided that if they were to have a daughter, they would name here just that.

And this is little Ljubljana, two years old, visiting "her city" and in the back you can see the mayor, Zoran Jankovič, who invited her. This photo is not mine and I added the link (click the photo). Ljubljana is from Belgium, by the way.

We were on our way, got lost a little (very little), found our way again and were heading towards Logarska Dolina - the valley where we had chosen to stay for two days and a little.

We had two cameras with us, but not ready all the time, I'm afraid. So we managed to take a picture of these guards of the road:

But we missed so much that was going on - their strolling here and there along the road and a car coming from the opposite direction that had to stop and the cows reluctantly let drive past them. So we waited a bit more, took some three pics and then I decided to progress slowly.

What? What do you want here?

Those deep brown eyes would look much better with a smile to go with them... wouldn't they?

We didn't take many photos on the way, but when we got there... we couldn't stop. Can you understand why?

Let it be enough for now. I'll write more tomorrow. And you can bet I'll have pictures to go wih the text.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


My sweetheart and I are weird in a way.

Planning vacations, for instance, is one of the most complicated things for us. So this year we decided to wait for last minute offers. And we did. And we kinda liked an offer for Hurgada, Egypt. Kinda. If I had felt he was thrilled about it, I would have jumped to the phone and made a reservation. No problem. So now I would be somewhere near the Red Sea, getting to know Egypt, its sights and people. But then we waited a bit too long and "last minute" became "lost minute." Okay. Never mind. Egypt isn't going anywhere. But suddenly, I felt he was a bit more sorry than he was thrilled before. But then, he doesn't make scenes, yell, shout or anything like that. Which is one of the best things about him. I cannot stand people yelling at me. I've had enough of that. I find his calm way of dealing with things so sweet. That's probably also why I call him sweetheart in English. What else would you call a boyfriend in midforties?

Anyway, we decided not to stay at home. We're going somewhere, even if only for two or three days. Not too far, but far enough. So here's where we're going:

The house itself is located in a beautiful valley. No sea, but plenty opportunities for walks and seeing what you don't usually see. Eating home grown or home produced food. Avoiding the heat here. No internet and TV or not much of it. Like a rehab for me :) .

Well, we'll see. I'll sure take plenty of pictures to show off when I come back. I haven't been blogging much lately, but then I'll want to tell you all about it.