Wednesday, 1 December 2010


We were driving from our archery practice last night - my Main Squeeze, my son and me. It was freezing cold and the wind in our town was building up its tremendous power. Nasty. Not as nasty as on March 10th, but still. Not nice at all.

There are these signs on the motorway on such occasions, saying that the large lorries and refrigerators should leave the motorway as they will not be allowed to go further.

We were just on the exit, out of the motorway (because we were home, not too large) when we saw a huge lorry with a trailer approaching it. Knowing that foreigners don't take these warnings so seriously, I said to my son: "Blink a few times with the headlights (would you use "blink" here?) and he did. The lorry stopped and the driver opened the window when we had already moved forward. He was still standing there, so we reversed a little, I went out (you could hardly hear anything that was a meter away) and he asked about the sign. I told him:

"Don't go. It's dangerous. Go back." I accompanied my words with suitable gestures as I wasn't sure the Slovak driver understood.
"Ahh. It's closed?"

So he understood? Good.

"Yes. Don't go. It's really dangeros. It wll turn your lorry over!"
"I see."
"And if you continue, the police will stop you anyway."
"Oh, the police?"
"Yes. You really shouldn't go. Don't."
I turned back to our car, he thanked me and we went our separate ways.

We wen't home and he - believe it or not - continued his way on the motorway.