Tuesday, 30 March 2010

There's a First for Everything

Something funny happened to me today.

I teach chilren from 9 to 14 years of age. They go from one classoom to another as their timetable tells them. I don't really look at my timetable a lot. It is full and I know which classes I have and it doesn't really bother me when I have them. Things often change, you see, because of some extra events or some teachers missing due to ilness - either their own or of their kids at home.

Anyway, I took a glimpse at the timetable in the staff room after the second lesson today and noticed something weird: I was supposed to teach not one class, but two, in the third lesson.

I tried to find our pincipal assistant, but she was not available. I tried to think of something, but there wasn't enough time. Of course it was an error and I should have seen it earlier, but I hadn't even looked at the timetable, as I mentioned above.

Little choice did I have. I saw no solution to the problem, so I went upstairs, opened the door to the eighth-graders, opened the next door to our 5-th graders and taught them all.

I gave the older ones a text and a task. A few instructions and I left for a while.
We discussed animals with the younger ones. Some textbook exercises, workbook exercises, oral exercises and a written text to put together. Not a long one: they had to write 4 sentences each to describe an animal and we tried to guess which animal it was.

I went here and there and everyone did everything. My only concern really was that it was against regulations - the children shouldn't be left alone... Well, what can you do.

The lesson went by, I met the principal assistant, she showed me how I could have easily switched classes with another teacher (but nobody saw it then), but everything was fine.

In the end there was another result of this kinda funny situation: For the next lesson I didn't have class - I had a free lesson, which I never do. I relaxed, had a coffee and gathered some energy for the two lessons that followed.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Do you ever ask yourself where we are going? If we actually know the way? Why we keep doing the same things every day? And if the new things that we do really improve our lives?

Why we do the dusting when the dust keeps gathering in a thin layer everywhere anyway?
Why try to make the children understand things when they clearly show you day after day they don't really want it?
Why cook when you eat the stuff in like five minutes and all there's left is dirty dishes and a mess in the kitchen? Why am I going to do that again in a few hours and tomorrow?
Why keep playing games when other beat my score and leave me far behind? And if I were them, what difference would it make?

It's like a day, this life of ours. When I go to bed in the evening, will I say it has been a good one? And what will the morning be like?

I'm kind of philosophical today, can't help it.

I don't have a car this week, it's being repaired. It had some ugly scratches and since it's new (November, I think), I had it repaired. On the expence of the insurance.

So I had a nice walk this morning to my colleague's home and then she took me to work. And on my way, I saw a string, some 3 metres long, on the pavement (sidewalk in AmEng :D ) :

When I came closer, I realized it was alive! See?

So I took my phone, took two shots and e-mailed them to myself so I could send them to one of our biology teachers later. And now I'm putting them here.

Where are they going? I'm not going to lose any sleep over this, but it really astonishes me. And how did they agree on the destination? Wow!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wind Day

Not my photo - click on it for the source.

Remember, I've told you about the wind we have here. The wind that sometimes stops the traffic. They simply put the sign and you can't go on here, but have to choose a slower option - if you drive a car, that is - if you're a lorry driver, you have to park your vehicle somewhere and wait. For a few hours, usually, in this case it will be at least over night. Poor guys, those lorry drivers - from all sorts of places - Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Lithuania, you name it. And they have to stop here and wait. It's freezing. They will get some hot drink and maybe food, but still. No life to envy.

Some of them do not wan to wait, but get around that sign somehow. Not a good idea.

Not my photo - click on it for the source.

I know it's his fault, so to say, but still. I wish so much it hadn't happened! The 40€ fine he will have to pay for not obeying the instructions is the least he has to worry about now. Thanks god he's from Croatia and not from some far away country!

Better safe than sorry, said this Polish man. Good thinking!

Not my photo - click on it for the source.

And why "wind day"?

As you have snow days, the kids around here are having a "wind day" tomorrow.

The forecast is that the wind will reach the speed of over 200 kmph tomorrow and it will not be safe to drive around and it may tear off some roofs. The kindergartens and schools will be closed. They actually announced "red alert" on TV and the radio. I have never heard that term in connection with the wind.

BTW - I do not teach HERE, but 6 km away, where the climate is so much different (so much quieter) that the school will be open and the classes will go on as usually. LOL.

Monday, 8 March 2010


I am not at home, but luckily, my nieces live close to my mum, so they could (and did) bring her some tulips for today. I just called her at the occasion. And my aunt - I called her, too. In the staff room there were these small chocolates in the morning for us, ladies. And a basket with daffodils in the middle of that big table. They really enlightened the room. And later each of us got a primula (in a flower pot!) to take home. Actually, I'm going to take mine into the classroom.

And what is the occasion, you may ask... Women's Day! Congrats to all the women of the planet (I know, I know ... only few read this blog). Best wishes!

Monday, 1 March 2010


Whose view is it anyway?

I tried to write a few kinda humorous posts. I've written two. I guess the second one was not understood that way. As I explained in the first one, I do not mean to offend anyone. And the second one - well of course I don't believe all that. But it REALLY IS the picture people get if they turn their own mind of... Which I don't. Sorry if that wasn't clear from the writing. I must say I expected some objections or... something. I still wonder what the view of us from "over there" is. Never mind.

Take care.

Till next time then.