Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Okay, Skye, after thinking a lot about it, I hope I can put something together that will actually make sense. Let me see now.

First of all, THANK YOU for giving me this award, saying that my blog is fabulous. I'm not suure I deserve it, but if you say so... well, I'll take your word for it.

The thing is, I have to tell you about five of my obsessions now. It's not difficult to find five. It's more difficult to CHOOSE them. See? One obsessed woman sitting by the computer.

If I number them from one to five, it doesn't really mean that number one rules my life while number six has hardly any affect on me. Noooo, that totally depends. One day this, another day something else.

1. Food. I love eating and I'm aware of it. What do you like? they ask sometimes. Khmm, EVERYTHING... more or less. I'm nuts about potato crisps with sour cream and onions. All kinds of pasta, dumplings.... sour cream on my pizza (weird family, I know), bread can smell like old days and even tripe wih some good sauce... Name it, I love it. Thinking of food alone brings memories back - of what they used to make when I was little. What I used to eat at my grandma's and what my dad was a specialist for. He used to make very good chicken rissotto and could cut the finest cabbage salad - I have never eaten it like that since I ate the last one he prepared.

2. Coffee. Too much of it. And not watery coffee American style (no offence, pleeease, maybe I just watch too much TV). Two coffees before work, another one in the morning and one after lunch - around two or three o'clock. And then I decide to be a good girl and not have another one. But sometimes I do. Not today. But I'm sooooo sleepy right now. And it's not 8.30 yet. Coffee is my poison. Totally. I'll have to cut down and avoid that terrible headache that I get if I don't drink it. And they say you pee your bones with all that caffeine in your blood stream. And then I'll whine in my ols age - about ostheoprosis and stuff. Yep! I'm earning it in these days. I'll drink less of it.

3. Spelling and grammar. You may think otherwise, but hey, it's not my language I'm writing in. But grammar mistakes, spelling errors and bad translations give me the creeps. They make my blood pressure jump high (got an idea right now - maybe it could be a substitute for the third and the fourth cup of coffee?) In Slovenian, for example, we don't say 13 hundred, but always a thousand and three hundred, so our clever translators tend to make the mistake of changing hundreds into thousands. I'm sure they know what 13 hundred means, but still happens. Time after time. And in some cases it's ridiculous. Then prepositions, words from dialects... I can't explain well enough, I'm afraid. But it must be because of my job, but also something in my genes. You see, my aunt is a retired Slovene teacher, so she did this for a living. My dad was an undertaker, but things like that drove him mad, too. And HIS grandfather, well, I was told he marked grammar mistakes in the newspapers he was reading. That, I think, speaks for itself.

4. Geez, I've only done three! Okay, number four: TV. I watch too much of it, as I told you. I can probably name more detectives and forensic specialists than our politicians. I sip my coffee in the morning, half commatose, watching miracolous animals or people helping some of those that were not so lucky. This morning, for instance, Simon got two more volunteers to help him catch a mamba after a really frightened woman called him and they found out it was a mamba indeed, but made of rubber. Not a bad way to fully wake up.

5. I'm obsessed with order. Sometimes. It's like being really keen on having an ear for music. I know a thousand ways of keeping things in order. How to do it? Just ask me. A notebook for this, a notebook for that, a file here, a chart there... good for schoolwork as well as for household economics, I'm sure. They just don't work for me. I'm probably one of the most disorganised people I know. Trying to improve, but... I don't know. Maybe I'll learn how to keep things in order before I die. If it happens soon enough, I might even write a book about it.

The obsessins that were left out? Well, computer, blogging, comments (yes, yes write them, lots of them..:D ), teaching (in more than one way)... things like that. One obsesed woman, I'm tellin you!

Right. Enough about me. Let me choose five fabulous blogs, shall I?

1. Let me think on it for its descriptions of trips and everday events. A kind of joy shines through them which can also be seen in all the photos. Fabulous!

2. Empty Nest Evolution - well, empy nests are our future, but this girl describes it in a way that doesn't make it sound too errible. It's about letting go these days. Fabulous!

3. Is There Anyone Else Up There? - I always enjoy reading this one. I don't always comment, true, but sometimes there is just nothing to be added. Mary Ellen says it all. And adds some pretty pictures to what she says. Fabulous!

4. Stuff From Ellen's Head makes me wonder, laugh and admire. Depends on the day. Fabulous!

5. Candid Carrie with the positive energy coming from her posts and the way she makes other people play together with her and her photos - Fabulous!

Hope ou like my choice, together with my obsessions.


  1. oh, oh, I totally forgot about that one! Grammar and spelling, that's one of my obsessions too. We're so weird... And you are so NOT obsessed with order .... :P

  2. Read the last one VERY CAREFULY. Twice maybe.

  3. Two coffees before work? Crumbs. Other than that our coffee consumption is very similar. But I would be wired if I had two before work, and busting for a wee when I arrived no doubt.

  4. Well, I have a good cup at home and a smaller one when I make it for everybody else at school. Strong coffee. Wired? You need to be with all those wired kids around, don't you think?

  5. Thank you Minka. 5 obsessions...hmmmmm.

  6. LOL! I have to say, I'm totally obsessed with food and grammar too. It's almost a sickness. :}

    It is true what they say about American coffee; there are of course good coffee to be found here, but I'd say 80% of the places you stop in will have weak, awful coffee.

    And I love the Let Me Think on It blog; Teri is so funny!

  7. I totally love: "potato crisps with sour cream and onions." Except I'm particular that the onion be a scallion. Love scallions!

  8. Gosh - thanks, Minka! Obsessions? Me? Nah. . . (or maybe obsessions are the price of fabulosity, to totally frustrate your need for correct language usage by making up a word).

  9. Ok my bad... but you know.. it looked so funny .. "I am obsessed with order" and I just burst into laughing. I'm so evil, I know. :P

  10. You? evil? Noooo,...
    I understand why you would laugh about this one, absolutely! It's not really an obsession that I show somehow, but rather something that's haunting me!

  11. LOL Minka, I love your obsessions! That last one describes me to a "T". I too obsess about order, and if you look at my house, it's absolute chaos. BUT in order to redeem myself, it's organized chaos. If I need something, I know where it is and what pile of junk it's hidden under, or what box in what cupboard it's tucked away into in order to keep it "safe" from loss. Trouble is, Silv or Becca tend to use things and move them to some other location and then I can't find them anymore :( There is nothing worse than someone messing with your organized chaotic achievements :D

    You did a wonderful job with the award, now it's time to start checking out all the blogs that I've never come across before! Cheers

  12. For me it's hardest to find things when I tidy something - like when I organize my cupboard (particularly the one with parpers)

    I'm glad you like my obsessions! :)

  13. You know what, now I remembered some grafitti I saw in Maribor:
    "Order is for idiots, genius can handle chaos." ;)


  14. That's from a book"Peter, the scout" and it's exactly what my colleague's son wrote on the door of his room. Next day, being disorganised and too slow, he missed the bus and his mum commented: Only idiots need schedules, too. Genius can walk home.

    Well, that's life I guess. Total order wold be oring, some of it is necessary, but I've heard far too much nagging about it.

  15. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I believe I'll have to become a follower of yours as some of your obsessions are right on target. ESPECIALLY THE COFEE (see it's all in caps. I really, really mean this one)

  16. Oh, Lola! I am so glad stopped at your blog last night! I actually giggled and then laughed loudly at your superpowers! LOL LOL!

    Thank YOU for stopping here and actually following me! :D

  17. What a cool post! I am a grammar nut, seriously. My hubby and I are total waist is a clear indicator of that. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to organize stuff. There is such joy in a well organized pantry. :-)

    Hey, thanks for the award! I will post about this next week. Fun, fun, fun.

  18. Hi Minka...just going through your older posts and found the nod to my blog Empty Nest Evolution. Thank you so much. I have another big change I'm about to go through but am not quite ready to write about it. It's not bad, just emotional. Soon...

  19. I don't want to put any pressure on you. Do as you feel... :)