Thursday, 25 March 2010


Do you ever ask yourself where we are going? If we actually know the way? Why we keep doing the same things every day? And if the new things that we do really improve our lives?

Why we do the dusting when the dust keeps gathering in a thin layer everywhere anyway?
Why try to make the children understand things when they clearly show you day after day they don't really want it?
Why cook when you eat the stuff in like five minutes and all there's left is dirty dishes and a mess in the kitchen? Why am I going to do that again in a few hours and tomorrow?
Why keep playing games when other beat my score and leave me far behind? And if I were them, what difference would it make?

It's like a day, this life of ours. When I go to bed in the evening, will I say it has been a good one? And what will the morning be like?

I'm kind of philosophical today, can't help it.

I don't have a car this week, it's being repaired. It had some ugly scratches and since it's new (November, I think), I had it repaired. On the expence of the insurance.

So I had a nice walk this morning to my colleague's home and then she took me to work. And on my way, I saw a string, some 3 metres long, on the pavement (sidewalk in AmEng :D ) :

When I came closer, I realized it was alive! See?

So I took my phone, took two shots and e-mailed them to myself so I could send them to one of our biology teachers later. And now I'm putting them here.

Where are they going? I'm not going to lose any sleep over this, but it really astonishes me. And how did they agree on the destination? Wow!


  1. Being a philosophy major, I often ponder these questions. I think we do all these things in order to feel richer, find something new in the mundane, see if anyone is paying attention, etc. I do think that even the most patterned and seemingly everyday actions open the possibility for variation, which is the cool part.

  2. I guess that IS the cool part, Teri... that's probably why it feel so useless when the variation does not happen... When WE don't make it happen. You know, when you are somewhat angry with yourself.. In general, though, I have nothing to complain about.

  3. You to try harder when there's no variation. It's usually your own fault so you have to try. After all it's for your own good. :)

  4. That's exactly what I'm saying, my dear! Angry with myself... no one else... :D

  5. I like Teri's take on this! Even though every day is basically the same, there are infinite possibilities on the variation. Meals are different, for e.g.; the weather is never the same. I think that one day, the kids will smack their foreheads and say, 'you were so right, mom!'.

    I don't like the dusting part though, I have to admit.

    My kids and I are fascinated by your worm photo. Please let us know what they are when you find out!

    My oldest also saw a bizarre worm...he took a video of it, and we just posted it to YouTube today. I don't know if you can get YouTube, but if you can, here is the video:

  6. oh I meant you SHOULD try harder. It was a typo, sorry. :) But I guess you got it anyway ... :)

  7. I've just seen that video. Looks spooky! At first I just looked at all those fat worms before I realised that dancing thing in the middle was alive, too...

    My son looked at my photos and said he had seen them before and quite a few times, too (A "Mum, you don't go out and have a walk often enough" kind of comment). Only when he had to interrupt the line stretchingall across the road with his bike, the rst of the worms changed the direction completely. Our biology teacher says they travel this way to look more powerful to the potential predator.

  8. Yes, Poppy, I understood.. :D

  9. Where are they going? I reckon someone stopped dusting in some form of nihilistic protest and they got fed up.


  10. I'm not sure they care about dusting... thir home is always aired with all the windows open... it gets washed from time to time as well...

  11. That's pretty amazing that they travel nose to butt so to speak all in a line.