Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool

- Did you hear about the Pisa tower? my colleague asked me... It has collapsed!
- No kidding! Collapsed?
- Yes, I heard it on the news this morning
- On the news? Wow!
- But then, of course, they have something like tis every year...
- DANG! It dawned on me... Of course! How din't I get it right away...?!

And he smiled naughtily... Hey, you got me there... and yes, it was on the news... for suckers like me.

But then I decided that was it. I was sure the kids would try something, so it was good to be ready.

It was the fifth graders that made a plan.

We come to the classroom and the tiniest the shyest girl says: Teacher, I don't have my English stuff with me today, I took Social studies!

Me too...Me too - it was echoing from every single one in the class. Aawww, I thought to myself..How cute! They can actually do it with a straight face! Good for them!

Never mind, I said calmly, I will just give each of you a piece of paper, dictate you a short text and mark the dictation. It will only be good to have one grade more, you don't have so many...

Oh, I found my book, said one of them and soon all the stuff was on their desk. Everybody was ready to work.

Except for this one girl. She was sitting her head in hands and her friend told me she was feeling sick.
Well, I told her, if you are not well, go to our counsellor and there you can decide what to do and if you are alright, just remain here. Saying this, I turn to my computer to find the right audio clip as I catch a glimpse of one of the students prompting to this "sick" girl to do something.

In the very next moment the sick girl falls from her chair and lies on the floor.

I turn to the brain of this "scam" saying: I must admit few people can faint at request! Wow!

They laughed and we continued our lesson.

I must say I like them a lot. Mind you, they are only ten!


  1. You handled that very well. Did you get them back?

  2. I couldn't do with a straight face like they did - they woul see a trace of a smile as soon as I opened my outh.I'm a terrible liar - can't lie at all - and I didn't want to fail miserably.

    Maybe if I had this great idea and was in the mood for it - I don't know. Next year, perhaps.

  3. They have just announced n TV that a Japanese company has bought the Slovenian company that manages one of our greatest sights and natural heritage, Postojna caves ( Sad (kind of) but believable, until they mentioned they would pull down the hotel in front of the entrance and build traditional teahouses (oookay..) AND open an exclusive Japanese restaurant in the CONCERT HALL INSIDE THE CAVES!!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! We've got laws against such barbarity ... I guess...

  4. hahaha, but Japanese could buy Postojna cave since 50% of visitors are always Japanese ... They probably consider it as a Japanese sight. :P

  5. I hope nobody is nuying the caves really, but the right to manage and market them. Otherwise... yes, I guess you're right. They have plenty of caves themselves, though

  6. The only joke I had pulled on me today was opening up the Google search site and finding it renamed "Topeka". That was cute! (They had a whole set of background Web pages talking about how Topeka, Kansas, and Google had exchanged names.)

  7. I missed that. I agree - it was a cute one.

  8. A classroom of 10 year olds that can organize a trick? You are in trouble Minka.

  9. A very cute prank they pulled on you! And it was definitely one of the milder jokes anyone could have done. :)

  10. Very cute. I can just imagine how much planning went into this.