Friday, 18 February 2011


Nope, Delgado vs. Zavec. Go Dejan!

I am always annoyed by arrogant people. And Delgado came to Ljubljana to "take the red belt back to where it belongs - to the USA"! Jerk!

I mean, if he wins it, okay, may the best man win and as far as I know it our world champion can keep the title or lose it. And he's aware of that. He knows Delgado is good (we all know Dejan Zavec is good) and he accompanied Delgado's words and his dramatic tearing of the poster announcing the fight in half - with a smile. Knowing, of course, that Delgado is, after all, American and a show was to be expected. But still, his atitude sucks.

Have a good fight tonight, you two, may the best man win. But I sure hope it's Dejan (btw, it's pronunced Deh-yan) and I sure hope he kicks his ass well (punches his nose, that is). If anything else happens, so be it. But until then, this is the right place for the red belt.


  1. I'll just comment myself, then. Delgado didn't stand a chance and the rred belt remains where it belongs. In Slovenia!!!

  2. I'm with you, Minka, I HATE to be around people who think and talk this way. Congratulations!!!:)
    I guess I have been fortunate enough to live in other countries and know, that Americans do not have all the answers, and certainly NOT all the best answers.