Saturday, 20 June 2009

Today's Lunch

Even for lunch, I sometimes like something sweet. I remember things like this from my childhood - did I love them! Yummy! But then, when I was a little girl, all those yummies didn't stik to my waist. Instead, they got lost somewhere while I was playing and running around, not wanting to be still for long. Oh yeah, that has changed, too. Sitting still doesn't bother me any more. Is there a connection between the phenomena (my waist and the stillness) or what?

So this is what happened:

Two days ago I bought some apricots. I love apricots! But trying them, I was quite disappointed. They were tasteless, more or less. What a shame!

Then I decided they could taste better with some sugar. And they did.

I didn't eat apricots with sugar, of course not. I made something for lunch. I cut them in pieces and put some sugar on them.

Then I peeled and cut some potatoes and boiled them in salty water. I mashed them, added some flour, three eggs and some margarine and mixed everything.

I kned it into dough. I made a lump, see?

I used the rolling pin to roll it.

Then I cut it in pieces...

...and put the sweetened apricots on them.

I kind of played like when I was little. The difference is of course, I was only helping then. But otherwise, it's the same. It is easy, anyway. I shaped everything in something like tennis balls. A little bit smaller, but not much.

I put them into salted boiling water and let them boil for some fifteen minutes. In the meantime I heated some butter and put some bread crumbs in.

Voila! Ready! Apricot dumplings!

It's time consuming, so I always make enough for more than just one meal. I cook some and freeze the rest.
They can be made with different kinds of fruit, really. The most common ones, I guess, are with plums. Those are also very good. Plums are sweet and sour and with that sugar on top, they are just delicious!

I just thought it might be interesting for some of you to see this. Do you eat anything like this? I guess it's a Slavic thing, somehow.

The pics are not as enlargable as usually, I'm afraid. My cellphone is not as good as my daughter's camera.

And when did I become so fond of orange? I love red and warm colours in general, but today I've noticed we have lots and lots of things in orange. How long has this been going on?

P.S.: potato dough (taken from a website, since I never weigh things for it):

One kilo of potatoes
about 300 – 400 grams of flour
3 eggs
80 – 100 grams of butter (margarine)

Boil the potatoes, peel them (not necessarily in this order, but it loses less starch this way), mash them, add the butter, cool just a little, add the eggs, the salt and the flour. Kneed the dough until it’s smooth.

You may add less or more (which is more likely) flour. Some like the dumplings softer, I rather make them more compact – easier to shape and also better to eat if you ask me. Not everyone would agree with me. But you must add enough for the dough to stop being all sticky. And then you need some more flour to work with. How much flour you add also depends on the flour itself, since they are not all the same. But I guess you know that from making other things.



  1. Wow - that looks yummy! I love peaches and sugar. I'll have to give your dumplings a try....

  2. Yes, it is yummy! They are also possible with peaches. But I still think they're best with plums - most tasteful.

  3. I wouldhave stopped at the fruit and sugar - well,maybe some cream . . . not one for cokking much. But these do look yummy!

  4. Yep! Not so much cooking, really. And if you like things with flour (like pasta, gnocchi and so on), it's worth it.

  5. Looks delicious! Can I come to your house for lunch? I love fruit of any kind, but it seems that fruit and veggies are not as tasty as they were when I was a kid. Of course my dad grew everything, so stuff was homegrown, fresh and without pesticides. The thing this is almost impossible to get that has a flavor, are tomatoes and cucumbers. I miss eating those right out of the garden.

    Your apricot dumplings look so yummy.

  6. I know exactly what you mean and I completely agree! This time I was angry with myself for buying those apricots at the supermarket instead of waiting a little and trying to get them from people around here who grow them. I can get some vegetables from friends or my mum, but I still buy most of them.

  7. Oh, and YES, you can come over for lunch (you will phone first, right?) Welcome!

  8. Could you tell me approximately how many potatos (and what size) and how much flour you used? You specified the eggs and I think I can guess at the butter. No, tell me how much butter as well!

  9. Yes, I'll phone first.:)

    I buy most of mine. I am going to go downtown to the market one of these weekends, the fruits and veggies from there should be better. I just wish it was a little more convenient to go there.:(

  10. Oh, I'm going to have to try that, it sounds delicious! I won't use the apricots though as I don't like them, but that's fine, plums will work just as well :) It sounds like it would go beautifully with a pork roast!

  11. Pork roast? Are you sure? When I want to eat dumplings together with meat, I make them plain, without filling. Then they go with meat perfectly. These are usually eaten alone, but it's your choice, of course!

  12. I know Minka, but I'm somewhat strange, I like fruit with pork, especially if put with a sweet-'n'-sour type sauce. See, if I were to make these kind of dumplings and have them with a pork roast, I wouldn't need to make a side veggie or other starch either, as that would all be in the dumplings already :D Always thinking, one dish to replace 2, yep much Not only that, but no gravy to make, wouldn't need to put bread on the table, what else could I forgo having to prepare if I made a meal like this!?!

    So far in my culinary experience, I've only made dumplings directly in with the meat. Usually it's chicken-'n'-dumplings to be sure, and those are just plain dumplings. I'm not big on that really, as with that dish, if memory serves, you're basically boiling the chicken with the potatoes and other veggies of choice. It ends up being more of a stew with bones if you ask me!

    I still stand by the thought that a pork roast served up with plum dumplings would make a real good meal. The minute I make it and eat it, I'll let you know how much I enjoyed it (or didn't whatever the case may be) :)