Thursday, 18 June 2009

The View

Today I wanted a view to take a picture or two. A proper view, not a look from our balcony or something. So I took the camera, waited for my friend and colleague and off we went.

We chose this little stroll - we figured we could manage it now that we've had a few walks, suitable for very little kids as well as for old citizens. Oh well...

The first number is the height of where we wanted to go, the number in the middle is how much we had to ascend - 870 metres. Okay, we can do that.

The path is nice, as long as it is not too steep. But it soon gets much steeper. Much much (much) steeper. And we huff and we puff and our faces get all red. Okay, let's go on anyway.

So now we are 1000 metres above the sea level. Good. Only 690 metres up. A piece of cake!

Where is that view? I can brag I actually saw a deer, but the dear animal didn't want to pose. No photo of it, sorry!
A view? There's a little something, yeah, but not really.

My legs are tired, my whole me is tired, but giving up... nope! I've come this far and I want that view! It's getting better, right?

That rock in the sun looks like a promise. Ten more minutes to get up there, maybe fifteen. And there must be a great view from there.

Now we're talking! The whole valley as on the palm of my hand! Too bad the light is not too good for talking photos. I still took some.

I tried to capture it in a way which would make you understand better what I actually saw because I felt those snapshots just don't work that way. Quality? Well... :( ... but still...


So we made it - we got up here. Let's go back now - if our legs feel like jelly or not. And on the way home I caught a hint of another thing I hoped to take picture of: the sunset.

I'm going to bed now. I'm kind of tired


  1. I'm envious! Looks like a wonderful hike, with some beautiful scenery. The pics look like you were taking pictures from a plane.:)

    I wish we had places like that here. There's a beautiful place to walk, but you have to get in a car and drive there, before you can walk. It's almost 2 hours away by car, so it has to be a day planned just for that.

    I bet you are tired,'ll feel great tomorrow. And you may sleep really well.:)

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.


  2. I'm so impressed that you did that hike! I'm not sure I could have made it (probably would need somebody to carry me...LOL!). That is quite a view of the landscape below! It makes me dizzy just looking at the photos; I can't imagine being there.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments, both of you. Teresa, I, too, felt on momemnts that someone should be carrying me, but... I wanted that view and I had to earn it. My colleague and I agreed we overestimeted our hiking abilities, but also that it wouldn't do us any harm. And it didn't - I slept very well and I'm fine now. :)

  4. What a beautiful walk and gorgeous pictures! There's certainly nothing close by to me that could approximate your hiking experience!

  5. This makes me homesick for my hometown mountains (in Idaho - Western U.S.). Your woods are lusher than that dry country though. I'm going out there in August and will post some pictures. I loved seeing it through your eyes in the little video. Hope your leg muscles aren't too sore!

  6. Surprising enough, I had no muscle pain at all...

    I'll wait for your photos now. :)

  7. How beautiful, Minka! No mountains around here, but Silver's place is the highest peak in southern Manitoba, and the view down into the valley from the edge of the yard is breathtaking as well. Especially when there is river fog, it looks like you could walk right across, or like there should be castle's and dragons!

  8. That must really look amazing!