Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Can you imagine trying to walk when something is pushing you back? Trying to run and it looks like slow motion? Trying to open the door and an invisible force is pushing it against you and slams it right after you move away? Sitting alone in a car that is rocking without any activity of yours? Driving when it tries to change direction every now and then?
This invisible force is the wind. Some road signs can hardly resist and they just bend a little, others don't and bow with respect of the lements right to the ground.
And some bigger participants in traffic around here... well.. they don't just rock a little. They are ready for a total tyre inspection. See?
(Not my photo - it comes from here.)

Yep, the wind did that!
Oh and the title - that is the name of the wind (bu:ryah).
I think it comes from the sea and breaks against the mountain above our valley, hence its force.

I have just been reminded of something similar in June when there is a festival in our town. Two days (or three?). Anyway, only one day was
approved and allowed by higher forces. This was the second day:

Njoki festival


  1. Well ... wanna see second festival day in our town? here it comes...

    Locals aren't really shocked by any of this. It's kinda usual :P

  2. Oh yes, I remember that. I hope you don't mind if I put it under P.S.

  3. there's more .. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=46170&id=1401939929&l=ea466ff31c :)

  4. One when I was about 14 I was actually blown down by the wind. I was a very skinny kid.

  5. I can imagine that! It's a funny sight when you see someone clinging to a street lamp till the gust goes by... Don't see so much of that these days (maybe because of all this driving), but it used to be pretty common.

  6. Strong winds can certainly do some nasty things!

    Thanks for the welcome back Minka!

  7. Oh man! That is incredible. There are times when I think the wind here is about to blow our roof off.