Monday, 14 December 2009


It rains, it snows it... whatever expressions you use for weather, I don't think you say that it smokes. Well, it does around here.

It means there is snow in the air - tiny snowflakes, rather dry and you hardly every see them land, because of the wind that keeps them swirling and make them look like smoke. And even when they do land, it picks them up again.

No pictutre, sorry. I mean, I'm really sorry I didn't take a photo of it. But it's morning, a quarter to seven. And minutes are scarce and precious in the morning. Maybe another time, then.


  1. Naaah... you know it isn't...

  2. I can picture that in my mind from your description. Occasionally, that's happened where I am, but not often. Hope it's safe for driving!

  3. I've heard the motorway is closed for cars too, not just for trucks .. it must be some real wind, finally!! :P