Tuesday, 1 December 2009

No shade...

Rain and dusk almost all day, then fog.... And me - sleepy and yawning... I actually slept more than enough and am still yawning... I've had my morning coffee and am still yawning. The soft sound of raindrops out there is starting to get boring... No, it's been boring for days now (yawn). It reminds me of that verse that I learned in primary school, I'm sure you know it:

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits, no flowers, no leaves no birds - November!

Hey, November's over - wake up!


  1. I didn't sleep more than enough and then I spilt the whole cup of coffee over my desk and notebooks ... The weather outside was awful, could that be the reason? :P

  2. cold and overcast here too. maybe rain later. ugh. makes me want to stay in a warm snuggley bed.

  3. Not you, Mo! Me! And the weather!

    Yes, Poppy, that is the reason! YES!

    I know the feeling, Ellen... cosy and warm...

  4. Oh man. That is the perfect description for November. Eeeeewww to the gray weather.