Sunday, 21 February 2010

First Candle

It's time for the first candle on my blog's birthday cake. Worth lighting? You be the judge to that.

First I had to choose a name for it. I had a blog in Slovene, called "Out of my head", but that seemed taken already in English. I tried a few possibilities, and quite liked this one. I still think it's quite appropriate.

First I thought I'd write a little something more or less every day. As a writing exercise, sort of, as I'm saying in my profile. But also to somehow process the things that provoke me and make me think. The things that make me happy or worried. Or to tell things I just think would be interestig to others.

Since February 2009 I have also had some lazy periods when I simply didn't write much. Just how it is. But lately, I have been so busy and tired that I can easily say it was the reason why there are so few posts. I have finished some work now and loooking ahead for a one week break (Yaaay!) and hoping to write a little bit more.

Anyway, this is just a regular me, sitting here and typing (or not). If you feel like it, just stir some more thoughts with me.

A nice day and happy blogging to everyone!


  1. Well, I, for one, am sincerely glad you started sharing your stirred thoughts with the rest of us (in this space) - and especially happy you found my blog (that started up with the new name on the same day). What fun that was, to find someone starting out at the same time! And I also enjoyed visiting the blogs you discovered as you went along, and found some of them of such interest that I had to follow them myself. I look forward to many more blog posts - whenever and however you feel like sharing them. Blog without guilt - blog from puzzlement or joy - blog when you feel like it. Here's to many more! (Now - quick - blow out that candle and make a wish. . .)

  2. Thanks! What you write always makes me feel so good! And I am also glad that I found your blog - I visit it frequently and write a comment or just read the post.

  3. I'm not sure how to stir thoughts but hey, I'm willing to learn...

  4. OK, then, shaking will do - shake your head, Mo!

  5. Minka! Happy Blogging Birthday my friend! You were the very first person to comment on my Blog when I started it a year ago. Continued Best Wishes and Happy Blogging!

  6. I didn't know that... Happy baking and happy blogging!