Thursday, 25 February 2010

Go Tina!

I'm not writing much these days, lazy me!
I'm on a winter break and, as I said,
I'm being extremely lazy.

Apart from other things (I have actually started writing some plans for school) I watch Vancouver Olympic games.
And this day has not left me indifferent, I expected the second race of giant slalom nervously.
Our great skier Tina Maze ended on the fifth place yesterday.
She had already won one silver. What will she do today?
Sitting on the couch and pacing nervously from time to time brought back many nmemories when of my childhood when skiing was so much more popular here. In the time of Stenmark Slovenia (Yugoslavia in those days, but they were all from Slovenia anyway) had many good skiers and we even watched TV at school sometimes, yelling our good wishes.

Tina is not only a good athlete, she is also a very nice girl with one of the cutest smiles and we all crossed our fingers for her. If she doesn't win another medal, that's okay, she already has one, she's been "a good girl" already. Half of her hometown is cheering by the slope (well, maybe not half.. but a LOT) and whatever happens, happens.

When it's her turn I don't know whether I should watch or go away. I remember my mum always going to the kitchen when our skiers started. I stay. I watch. She's good. The next few competitors show how good she really was...

Another silver for Tina!
(3rd medal for Slovenia)

Congratulations, you deserve it!

(Click on the photo for the source)

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  1. I'm glad she won, and glad you are enjoying yourself having some down time. I haven't watched them - my spouse is the TV watcher, and he hasn't turned on the Olympics (or I would be watching some figure skating right now).