Thursday, 18 February 2010

Freaking Crazy Olympics!

ACCIDENT seems to be the main theme of this year's olympics... sad, isn't it?

The luge athlete flew out of the track hitting his head so badly hat he died.

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The fact that everything was unprotected - no padding, nothing - couldn't play any role there - or could it? True, the speed was enormous and it might not have helped... but in fact, we will never know.

Anja Pearson, a great athlete everyone even slightly interested in skiing knows hit a lump of snow in the middle of the slope where everythig should be smooth and flew into the air, landed hard and got away with only a bruise.

(not my photo, click to get to the original page)

Glad to hear she is not seriously injured. Was that her own fault as well? You should have watched out, Anja!

A terrific cross country skier Petra Majdic who came to these Olympics with hopes for a medal,went to warm up, fell into a hole on an unprotected part of the track (why protect anything, who cares...), three metres deep, onto rocks, broke her skis, but wanted to start the race anyway.

(not my photo, click to get to the original page)

Want to see it on video? Click here.
Or rather here (+ click "play" of course) since it has been removed from that first link due to a copyright claim by International Olympic Committee.

A turning like this + world's best nordic skiers - WHAT DID THEY EXPECT??!

She did, she won a bronze medal and is everybody here is thinking of her today: she competed with four broken ribs and has punctured lungs now and cannot enter any other events.

(again, not my photos - click)

CONGRATULAIONS, Petra - and get well soon!

I know this post is badly put together - I'm just p....d off with the terrific Vancouver organizers of whom we expected better.

Best of luck, dear athletes and TAKE CARE...


  1. I have to agree agree with absolutely everything you say here Minka! Let's just hope that there aren't too many more such incidents! At this point, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I am Canadian!

  2. Oh no. Skye! This post has really nothing to do with YOU! I certainly won't stop stopping by your posts and commenting on them...