Sunday, 22 February 2009

Time: given, stolen, borrowed, wasted?

I had a week off - what a bliss! No getting up early without really wanting to, no preparation for the next day, no... you know. It gives you more time to do the pleasant things, either it's glaring at the TV or computer screen or baking an cooking. Time for activities by choice. Yaay!

Waking up on Saturday morning: what is that thing in my throat, a razor? What is this odd feeling in my head? My knees all soft and my darling nowhere in sight?

Not a flu, but stronger than an ordinary cold, whatever it was it STOLE my week off! Yes, I like watching TV (far too much), but I also had other plans for the week. And I did try: I cleaned the kitchen a little bit, but got SO tired! Ironed some clothes and washed some more, cooked almost nothing.... even less than I wanted. I wanted to bake bread, to cook something new, write interactive exercises and make a presentation or two on Power Point. I wanted to start doing something for myself and exercise a little, one way or another. And make some new plans. Instead, I am wondering where all that stuff is coming from - where is it stored before it runs through my nose, litres and litres of it? And why can't I turn my nose round and just pour it out from time to time?

So tomorrow a new week is starting (or is t today?) time will be flying as always.


No, I'm not that frustrated, or too angry or sad. I am a little, though. But then I remember my lazy moments when I have time and don't do what I want to do when I can't. Yep, time for another resolution: I MUST change that.


  1. I HATE getting sick on vacation - and it happens fairly often. I think it's because of pent-up fatigue. Hope you can squeeze in some leisure activities even after your week off.

  2. I hope so. I have a meeting on Wednesday, but nothing much on other day, just work in regular hours.

  3. Oh man...nothing worse than getting sick on your holidays. As Mary Ellen posted earlier - unfortunately it is common. It is go, go, go and once you stop and take time off, your body breaks down. Hope your feeling better.

  4. I'm better, thanks and still getting better.
    Have a nice day!