Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why can't I sit still?

A student's reflection on his schoolwork - In his teacher's dreams...

At school we learn things. Why? Many things are simply interesting. Besides, it's good to know a lot. Education is important. I want to have a good job when I grow up.

I don't always listen at school. I often turn around and chat with my friends. I sometimes shout so that those who sit at the other side of the classroom can hear me, too. If I'm angry, I quarrel loudly. And if I'm bored, I play with other things. I usually do my schoolwork, but not always because I don't always hear the teacher's instructions.

It's so difficult to sit, listen, write and be quiet. WHY?

Maybe I eat or drink the wrong things. I eat a lot of sweets. I like soda. But maybe that is too much sugar and additives. They make me restless and nervous. Then it’s more difficult to follow the lesson.

Maybe I have too much energy. I don’t do much in the afternoon. I watch TV or play computer games. I think I need more time outdoors with my friends. I sometimes go for a walk, but not often.

I don’t always have time to do what I want. I have music lessons and football practice five times a week and when I do my homework, the day is over. I just have dinner, have a shower and go to bed. I sometimes listen to music a little, but not for long. School is the only place then, where I can relax a little and talk to my friends.

Sometimes it’s so boring. But everything is boring if you don’t understand. Lessons become more interesting when I follow and understand. And it is even more boring if I leave my things at home. If I forget about my workbook, I cannot do the exercise at school. If I don’t have any work to do, it’s boring. Boring boring. Boring.

I must do something about that. I don’t like it when the teacher or the parents are angry with me. And I hate bad marks.


  1. It sure helps when the teacher can understand the kid's experience. Sounds like you've been there!

  2. Haven't most of us?
    But that is also the reason why I cannot let them get away with everything. They let me. Not good.