Saturday, 21 February 2009

Having and longing

Why is it that people long for warm spring and hot summer days when it is cold out there? Why would many jump at the opportunity to go skiing and playing in the snow when there is no snow in the view?

I guess it is in the human nature to wish for what we don't have and not care so much for what we do. And what has this day given us to appreciate?

I'll limit myself to one thing: the time I have spent with the loved ones. And I do not only mean the moments when everyone agreed on everything. I also mean the little quarrels that hurt our feelings a little bit, just enough that they can be mended a few moments later. I mean the mess in the kitchen we make together and the cleaning that I can do myself. I mean the names I'm called and the names I give to others. All the smiles and jokes, all the faces we make. Mixed together these things spice my day in a pleasant mixture. I also mean all the "hello-s" and all the "goodbye-s" you can say or hear in a day. The moments alone when you know they will be coming back.

Isn't that just nice?

And what has that got to do with the photo? Nothing much, maybe. I'd like to be there on that sunny day. But when I have a chance, I don't go. So much about appreciation! Lazy me!

But I will change that!


  1. What fun to find you following my blog, and starting you own! I hope you keep on writing and find it a good way to remember what is important each day.

  2. I will most definitely try to do so! I wish you the same!