Sunday, 30 August 2009

First Date

Here I was, sitting by my PC as I am right now, writing another e-mail to my online friend. I could hardly wait for each of his replies. I tell you: the guy knows wht do do with words. And I totally loved it. No empty talking, though (writing, I mean), but letters that actually told me something and intrigued me to write something back to express myself which obviously had a similar effect on him. Lovely!

He had invited me for coffee before, but I was reluctant to accept the invitation.

My friends (colleagues that is, but still - good friends!) half jokingly said sometimes that I should go out more: "We'll pick you up sometime, go for a drink and find you a nice decent guy!" "Yeah," I said "but why shoud I, who do not go to bars look for someone who does? Besides, how many such guys do you actually know?"

She had to admit I had a point there. I decided to accept what life brought to me and not rush anything. But then, five years after my divorce, I actually joined a website to meet someone. I didn't feel like I belonged there, but then, I thought, some other people might feel the same.

And there they were: his enchanting letters. And now, after two or three months of corresponding, I decided to go for that cup of coffee.

I came to the bar, looked around, seeing the man who fitted the description and remembered I had seen him before. With mixed feeling I approached the table, we greeted and ordered that coffee.

I don't remember well what we were talking about. Just getting to know each other, I guess, but we knew quite a lot already, from the letters. Which was good.

A few minutes later, there came tis woman, plunging into the room, greeting him loudly, asking him how he wam, adding: "May I join you?" Not waiting for the answer she grabbed a chair and there she was, sitting at our table.

I was wondering what was was going on, but said nothing. My MS, you see, doesn't quarrel. Or hardly. I guessed he wasn't pleased either. Her name was Leila, I told her mine, pleased to meet you (NOT!), she had coffee, too, exchanged a few sentences and left.

"I'm sorry about that, she should have known better, but that's just how she is." he said.

"That's okay," I realized he had nothing to do with that. She was an aquaintance, really, not even a friend. I got to know her a bit better later, and learned her behaviour that day was nothing exceptional.

When the day of the anniversary is approaching, we always say we should go for a cup of coffee to the same cafe. And we always ask the same question: "Do you think Leila will have time?"

But we never really ask her. We didn't today, either. Eight years after that first date.


  1. Ah first dates, they can be lovely things, can't they? I'm glad yours worked so well for you :)

  2. How romantic! Wonderful memories you have...and I am so happy for you that all turned out so well. May you have many more wonderful years to sit together in you little cafe, recollecting your "first" date together.


  3. Thanks, both of you! :))
    Yes, it turned out well! He's... the best!

  4. Lovely! Seven years ... he's a keeper, then :) Enjoy yourself and yourselves.

  5. A very romantic story,Did your glasses steam up?

  6. Eight, Mojčica, EIGHT! :D And we will, THANK YOU!

    Rinkly Rimes, I do not wear glasses now, thanks for your concern. :)) Can you guess why I needed them as a child? Look ast the photo CLOSELY.

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!