Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Valley

Not the Vipava Valley this time, where I live, but the Logarska Valley. Here is where we stayed:

Both houses belong to the same family. They rent it out. It's called a tourist farm. We stayed in the upper house. Very nice. Simple and nice.

This was our room:

And yes, there was a TV, too.

Satellite TV. I could have watched it from the bed, but didn't, really. I just tried it once or twice. Out of 500 and something programs I couldn't pick anything interesting that worked. I could have watched Al Jazeera, but I decided to pass. Had no need for TV, really.

I didn't take any photos of the bathroom. Small and nice.

This was a nice spot:

Here we looked through the brochures we had gathered on the way there and read books. Bou only AFTER we had a good look of the view from the balcony:

But the balcony was not interesting and nice only from the inside out. It looks nice from the other side, too:

And there's another one on the other side of the house, just as nice. I didn't take a photo of it, really, only the flower pots:

So we went for a walk.

On our way we saw what I called a monument to goats.

At least that's what it looked like before we came closer. Because the goat standing on that rock was really still. Later it moved a little and even posed and looked into the camera.

Later that day we went for dinner to the place where they had these goats. And we made plans for the following day.

We went to see the waterfall nearby. It's called Rinka. We took our nordic walking sticks and off we went.

This is the waterfall:

Can you see that wooden building? It's called "Eagle's Nest". You can get souvenirs up there or have a drink. And make more photos, of course.

My MS made a huge mistke here by showing how macro works. So my almost favourite toy became my favourite one. And it's not even mine. It's his. he showed me that after we had our drink. This is why I can only show you an empty glass.

Yep, we had a shot of blueberry brandy each. Good. I took some more pioctures of the mountains around us. All sorts od ledges and holes!

And then we saw someting else:

Not a good sign, says the bartender. We didn't hear any bad news later, but then, I guess we wouldn't - without a radio or TV.

Going back:
Going along a nice pathway through the forest (about 60% of Slovenia is forest).

We didn't need this bench for weary travellers, but you must admit it looks nice:

They even found a special one to put on the curve:

These roots fascinated me. It's like nature made a mistake by starting a life of a plant on a rock...

... and tried to make it right by giving it some means of finding the resources to survive.

Let it be enough for today.



  1. What a beautiful place Minka. I like the tree roots as well.

  2. It looks both peaceful and beautiful! Glad you're enjoying yourself!

    We love looking at trees that grow on rocks - dh usually likes to take photos of those. :)

  3. OK, I'll try this again.:) Maybe it will post this time.

    A peaceful and calming place - so much beauty in one package. It reminds me of my favorite childhood book "Heidi". Love the trails, would love to walk these trails. And the waterfall reminds me of some I saw in Switzerland. Actually, it all reminds me of Switzerland.:)

    I hope to get to visit your lovely country one day.

    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead.

  4. Thanks, Ellen, Teresa and Sixpence! Yes, it is peaceful. And no wonder i reminds you of Heidi, these are the Alps after all. And it made me think of her as well

  5. These are wonderful photos! I think I will try to yodel while I view them... yodel ay ee hoo... or something like that.

    Hey, my blog name changed... I notice you still have it on your sidebar as TheBlueRidgeGal. I am now Come check it out when you have time.


  6. Macro is my BFF. This place seems so peaceful. What a perfect spot for you and the MS. :-)