Friday, 14 August 2009

I'm Back

Where shall I start?

What time shall we start? I asked my Main Squeeze (LOL, I like that!) Seven? Nope, it's my vacation time (says my MS), seven is too early. So we decided we would have coffee at eight thirty and leave at nine. Fine.

So we did. And as we were not in a hurry, we also stopped in Ljubljana, our capital. We checked out a bookshop and actually bought two books for my MS's nephews. He also wanted to buy a straw hat, but he didn't like any of those the shop had to offer. Some other time, then.

We passed this square in Ljubljana. Something was going on there, we couldn't see a thing, some work in progress.

Are they building anything? Here? Nooo... Oh wait, there's a "window" in this fence where you can actually see something:

The note says: Have you found anything? Yes, AN URN, from the period of culture of urn grave sites, late iron era, 1100 - 750 BC. So they're excavating? Cool. Ljubljana has quite some history. In Roman times it was called Emona, but there was life and culture going on even before.

My MS had a comment right away: I bet the tape is not from the same time. Okay, maybe not.

The name of the city today is quite romantic. It has the same root as LOVE. And if you change only one letter, it says LJUBLJENA - BELOVED or LOVED. And it says in a brochure that THAT is exactly what the name means. How cool is that?

A few years (not many!) ago, there was this couple of tourists visiting Ljubljana, probably very much in love, who thought that the name was so beautiful (In love, I said!) they decided that if they were to have a daughter, they would name here just that.

And this is little Ljubljana, two years old, visiting "her city" and in the back you can see the mayor, Zoran Jankovič, who invited her. This photo is not mine and I added the link (click the photo). Ljubljana is from Belgium, by the way.

We were on our way, got lost a little (very little), found our way again and were heading towards Logarska Dolina - the valley where we had chosen to stay for two days and a little.

We had two cameras with us, but not ready all the time, I'm afraid. So we managed to take a picture of these guards of the road:

But we missed so much that was going on - their strolling here and there along the road and a car coming from the opposite direction that had to stop and the cows reluctantly let drive past them. So we waited a bit more, took some three pics and then I decided to progress slowly.

What? What do you want here?

Those deep brown eyes would look much better with a smile to go with them... wouldn't they?

We didn't take many photos on the way, but when we got there... we couldn't stop. Can you understand why?

Let it be enough for now. I'll write more tomorrow. And you can bet I'll have pictures to go wih the text.


  1. You have some very interesting photos in your blog! I hope to see more.

  2. Thanks, Bettyl! I'll try to keep up! :)