Monday, 14 September 2009

Difficult to write!

It's difficult to write when thoughts run about your head and jump up and own, chasing one another. And what thoughts might that be?

What shall I cook for lunch or dinner or whatever? They always tell me I make too much fuss about it, but in general they always have different ideas from mine that I should consider whether they tell me aboout them or not.
What would you like to eat?
Yes, but what?
Something good. Stop asking, just make something, I don't know why it should matter so much.
Would you eat pasta?
No, not steaks.
Chicken, mashed potatoes....
Yea,h right, meat, potatoes, salad, always the same.
What then?

It could just go on and on. Or I order pizza. Or avoid this in the beginning and not ask t all. Then it's either a lucky guess or long faces. Or I other pizza. So this "cooking thought" rambles in my head all the time.

Another one:
What should I buy? What do we need? Can I stay away from the shops completely for the day?

How about this one:
I wonder what I said that I shouldn't have - I talk too much and don't think as fast as my lips move and let the sounds out. I also wonder what I should have told someone but didn't because I forgot. My memory tricks me on daily basis.

And what about that kid that keeps breaking my nerves every time? I wonder how other teachers deal with him!

When will I have time for shooting again? Yep, I took up a new hobby. Archery is cool, but this bruise the string left on my left hand looks pretty nasty. Should I buy some powder or something?

The computer gives me some more to think about:
-I wonder how I would do my work without you,buddy!
-I hope it will go on working without breaking down for some time now! What was it the last time? The motherboard? No, that was the time before the last. Last time it was power supply unit. When did I last backup my files?
-What rank am I now at tetris?
-Should I write a post on my blog? Naaah.. nothing interesting going on....
-Any mail? Got a few more millions of dollars in Nigeria? Won in the lottery in UK? Yaaay!

And the favourite this week:
Anything new about Denmark? And I must say, nothing new is good here.

Let me explain: Our school is doing an exchange with a Danish school. So a colleague of mine, fourteen students and myself are flying there on Sunday to meet some Danish students and teachers and stay with their families for a week. I accompanied the students there last year as well, REALLY liked the experience, not to mention all the nice people and can't wait to see some of them again.

News could be trouble, though. As long as nothing is new, everytjhing is going smoothly. Cross your fingers for me, will you - may it stay this way till Sunday, without any unpleasant phone calls, no medical problems or forgotten documents, God forbid!

I feel fine. I'm excited. A bit nervous. But as soon as I see our Danes, evrything will be good. I know nothing will go wrong. Right? Right?

(Can't write everything - it still wouldn't make a decent post, anyway - it just goes on and on and on.... but I'm sure you already know that.)


  1. Up until your comment "And what about that kid that keeps breaking my nerves every time?" everything sounded exactly like me! I'm constantly trying to figure out what to make for meals (even if Silv is the one to do the actual cooking).

    Have fun with your exchange trip, it sounds like a most enjoyable time, I still wish I could have gone on an exchange trip when in school!

  2. Round and round our minds go, where they stop, no one knows.

  3. Thanks, Skye! Maybe you'll just have to organize your own exchange... never give up!

    Stop, Ellen? I don't think so... :)

  4. Minka, I've been meaning to ask you where Poppy is hiding? I have to admit that I miss her writings and comments :)

    If she's busy with school or whatever, could you just pass on a message that I say hi? Thanks!

  5. Oh hey, Skye :) My mum just called me and told me I have a message on her blog :))
    Where am I hiding? Hmmm.. lack of inspiration, I'd say :D I have just finished with school stuff in the beginning of September, had fun with applying for the next year of Study and my scholarship - A LOT of bureaucracy :S

    I'll write more, I promise... interesting things are coming this weekend, I'll have things to write about ;)

  6. Hey. Oh, how well I understand your cooking issues! So well I've just set up a new category - featuring food - on my blog, hahaha.
    Anyways, wish you all a safe flight to Denmark and a jolly good time up there! Who is joining you this time? Ksenija? And how many of 'our' kids are joining the exchange?
    Enjoy yourselves! M

  7. Thirteen of our kids and one "imported" are travelling with Marija nd myself. Thanks for your good wishes! Reisen fiber is already kicking in...

  8. Thanks Minka, you're a doll for getting Poppy to post just for me :D

    Poppy, looks like you've been busy, enjoy the upcoming weekend, sounds like it's going to be a good one!

  9. I often lie awake at night, dog-tired, but mind racing, just like yours! :}

    Have a great time in Denmark! And, yes, nothing will go wrong. =)

  10. THANKS, TeresaR! I dob't have to worry now :)