Tuesday, 29 September 2009


What do you do when the keys of your car disappear, together with your son who has no driving licence? Not for a day, only an hour or so - an hour of worrying and fear. Not worrying about our only car, but about my only son. If something goes wrong, it can go wrong big time! If the police stop him and fine him, that could be serious money. What's more - he would not be allowed to obtain a driving licence for some time (two years or so). If something goes more wrong than JUST that, consequences could be more serious if not tragic, affecting all of us. Sigh.

But then, what do you do if your darling, good (nerve wrecking!) only son gets that driving licence without even telling you he was working on it? And it takes a lot to get it! A first aid course, traffic safety course and tests and thirty driving lessons and two more (the "official ones - with the jury) to prove you are ready. Not to mention well over thousand Euros.

And how should you feel if you realize EVERYBODY knew what he was doing except you? His girlfriend knew. Okay. My daughter knew as well as her boyfriend. My nieces knew. My sister! My mum! Stupid stupid me! The bright side (if it is really): his dad still doesn't know, lol.

Congratulations, my dear son! Take care and drive safely!

(Next time - impressions from the wonderful wonderful stay in Denmark)


  1. My gosh. It would freak me out.

    My wife is learning, she has had many years of pressure to learn from family, I'd love it if she passed without them knowing, then when they ask about it she can nonchalantly disclose the fact she has been driving for months!

  2. For the record, I'm happy that he did it!
    Why so secretly? To make fun of me, of course! As stupid as I am
    sometimes,it's not too difficult,is it? Besides, he wanted to present
    his acquisition about a month ago, as a birthday present to me (but
    then he failed the exam), as I told him so often to go and get his
    driving licence. I admit many parents (most of them) pay for most of
    the expences related to it, but he did all by himself, taking his
    sister as a role model, I guess. A very good one,too. Oh, I'm so proud!

  3. How exciting! It's so great that he took the initiative to do all that himself. It sounds like European driving tests are much more stringent than here in the U.S. That's a good thing. :) Congratulations to your son!

  4. Oh my Minka, I'd have been driven absolutely NUTS! Granted, once I found out the reasoning behind it, I'd also be incredibly glad and proud! I must say, I'd have wanted to slap him silly and then hug him...lol. Congrats to your boy whose not such a boy any longer :)

  5. Hi again Minka! I hope you're having a wonderful time on your trip! Just so you know, I have an award for you awaiting your return sitting over in my blog :)

  6. Wow. All that for a driver's license? We just prove we have insurance, take one simple written test and one driven test and we get ours. I paid for lessons for my daughter, but they are not required unless you want to get a license before you're 18.

  7. All that, Jen! It may take a few months (two or three) before you're done. And doing it secretly is not so easy at all... unless you have a naive mum like myself, I guess :D