Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Hobby and Side Effects

Bad photo quality today, sorry :(

What do you appreciate in people? I'm sure many people think of goodness of the heart first, and honesty, diligence and these are very important virtues indeed. But there is another one I really appreciate: good sense of humour. Not just telling jokes, but the humour in ordinary things. But let me get back to it later,

I've acquired a new hobby. My Main Squeeze has been taking part in it for some time now.

My Main Squeeze and his friends bought a few bows and arrows, joined a club and then founded their own. Took the kids to the national championship and brought quite some medals back. Yes, I know, there are 2 000 000 of us and not everyone takes part in archery. It couldn't be done in any country, but it was still an important achievement. More than anything, they became a team and felt like one. Local community support, family support, you name it.

I wasn't so much into it at first. But I did build their website. I still like doing that.

It has been only recently that I joined the actual archery activities, meaning shooting those arrows into the target,

right in the middle of it (I wish! :) , quite a few flying over it and so, but we have a good time up there.

We even took my niece there when she was visiting and she liked it so much we are trying to organize something for her to be able to practice at home and visit more often.

And it went on and on. It came so far that last Sunday, among other people, there were the following people at the practice: my niece, my sister and her husband, my MS, MY SON with HIS GIRLFRIEND and MY DAUGHTER with her BOYFRIEND. I mean, am I blessed or what? Can you say I'm not lucky? How many people can do a sport in such a company?

My son has bought some arrows, me too, now he has switched to a stronger bow, bought some stronger arrows and will give the old ones to his girlfriend. Poppy's "husband" is also making similar plans. In short, everyone loved Sunday afternoon. Everyone, that is, except Poppy. She was fussing all the time like a baby. Geez, Poppy!

But then, I must admit, it wasn't that interesting to somene who doesn't do archery. And the stuff that archery requires, does make a mess at home:

My nieces arrow case with a belt that will be replaced with a black one...

A whole bag with a bow inside (borrowed for now) and arrows (mine mine! :) two more cases for them and some small stuff...

Arrows in the niece's and my son's...

Some small stuff... and I don't mean the anti-tick spray, it can be important in such an outdoor activity, though...

Some more small sruff... feathers and arrow points...

The fletching tool and glue in the middle of the table and mess around them...

Then you have enough and go to the balcony and what do you find... someone is growing arrows! They are still featherless at this point...

The missing picture here is the one I decided not to take some ten days ago - that of a big purple-blue-yellow-black bruise on my forehand, caused by the bow string. It simply looked too ugly. It's fine now and I have almost learned how to hold the bow properly.

Anyway, my dear Poppy didn't decide to fuss about all this (and I know she could, it WAS terrible). Instead, she put THIS on the fridge:

You want to see it a bit better? Here:

A perfect message from a promising university student of English to her English-teacher-mother!

Need translation? I can translate it for you, but first, let me just tell you this is our way of communication - from time to time - she knows how to write it properly. But isn't it jus... cute! THIS is what I'd call a sense of humour. Wouldn't you?

(Translation: I would appreciate if there weren't arrows all around our house. Thank you.
And other archery things. Please! Thank you. :P ).


  1. Archery was one of the activities we did in gym class in high school. I always liked it.

    Feathers and glue? You have to fletch your own arrows?

  2. You either buy them fletched or fletch them yourself. As yopu please. And if you want your feathers in different colours, no the ones they already have on the arrows, you just buy the tubes, feathers and everything and make your own arrows. They make them the same way anyway. But you do have to be very accurate. That tool helps with that.

  3. And I was cranky only because of my hangover :S :)

    I'm just jealous because I can't do archery because I have too many bones in unappropriate places! :) But I'll be a "support member" ;)

  5. LOL! Very funny. ;)

    Dh loves archery; he did it a lot in his teens but hadn't touched it in yrs. I'll have to show him your post. I think he'd like to get back into it and do it with the boys.

  6. I think that's the beauty of it - anyone can do it and because of it, parents and kids can do it together.

  7. Glad you sent me to this. I needed the translation of most altho' I understood the pliz and tenkju and arous.

    I haven't tried a bow and arrow since...I'm not sure. I remember really liking it so I must have been young and strong. Probably college. I like them as garden climber tools.

  8. I'm glad you're glad - I feel sort of guilty when I leave links in my comments which I do sometimes if there is a connection of some kind between the posts.

  9. Hahahahaaaa, that note left by Poppy looks like it was written by someone writing phonetically who speaks German! I love it and it was so easy to read and understand :D Good job on that Poppy!

    As for the archery stuff, that is something I haven't done since I went to camp as a kid. It's one of the things I always took. Arhcery, canoeing, and horsemanship were my first 3 pics every year. Outdoorsmanship aka hiking was my fourth pick and I can't remember my fifth, I think it was arts and crafts, but I really don't remember

  10. Skye, I call it Turkish English. :D its fani! :P End ai laik tu du it ... :D and of course I got a 10 on phonemic transcription in 1st year. ;) (blowing my own trumpet ... ((: )