Tuesday, 1 September 2009

You're Crazy!

It was last Thursday.
Our (then still) headmaster was sitting outside a pub with an elderly man. (We'd never seen him there before.)
"So, you're retiring, I hear" said the man.
They sit and drink and one of my young colleagues drives by, going home from school.
"Just look what you have at this school of yours, how can you retire?"
They sit and another young female teacher drives by.
"You must be crazy, I really don't understand you" the old man goes on and on.
The headmaster doesn't say much, maybe smiles a little.
Finally, another colleague goes by on foot. She's fifty and something, but very elegant. Her thin legs are nicely tanned, she's wearing this cute minnie skirt and a lovely blouse and high heels.
"You know what, I think you're insane!" the man says, ending this conversation after he has clearly made his point.

(Told by te headmaster himself at the dinner thsat night.)


  1. I was confused at first, but then I realized that I was a post behind. I just read it, and my what a wonderful thing to do for a man so well respected! As for this post about him being crazy, I have to disagree with the guy who called him that. There is nothing crazy about leaving when you're so well loved and not too tired to be able to enjoy it. I hope his replacement turns out to be as good :)

  2. Well, the man was talking about the pretty women he would be leaving behind - and our headmaster was well amused by that! :D

  3. I was also confused at first, but by the time you got to the description of the lovely lady with the mini-skirt, I figured it out. LOL!

  4. I'm sure your well-loved colleague has lots more to do with his life now he has some free time than to ogle his female colleagues - and from the gratitude and affection he was sent off with, I'm sure that sort of attitude never was his. Funny story, though!

  5. He found it funny too! I guess the other guy was also kidding, but I'm not really sure...