Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Yes, I was kinda busy the last few days. Firstly, there were such nice days that I, the regular couch/computer desk potato HAD TO go out. So I took a walk.

I walked by the river.

There were fields on the other side of the dirt road. Our town is hidden behind the trees.

In the grass that remained uncut, I found such lovely delicate flowers:

Anywhere near a flower bed this would probably be called weed. Cute though, isn't it?
There were colourful little visitors to these beauties, enjoying their sweet potion:

But actually, I was looking for something and I couldn't find it here, no matter how lovely all this looked. We had the season of continuous snowing here that only ended last week. I tried to take a picture, but...

... no success! I could see tiny little things flying through the air,but no such thing in the picture... too bad!
Yes, of course you're right - this couldn't be real cold snow, but nevertheless it tempted you to switch on the wipers when driving your car. Even in my room or living room, there was often something dancing in front of my eyes. It didn't even make me nervous any more. It could tickle my nose, though. Thank God I have no allergies!

Don't believe me? Look!

It all landed somewhere eventually... What you see here was fine. When you find some of this in your living room is not so good. Well, this is extreme, I must admit. In the living room you only get a sample of it. Nevertheless, in this spring snowing season it is wise to cover your glass or simply pour a drink and drink it right away.

And whose fault is this? These big guys are to blame:

Poplar trees!

I still haven't told you what I was looking for. It was this:

I'm sorry I haven't got a better picture - I had a bad day, I guess, as far as the camera was concerned. Do you know the bush? It's elderberry.

I needed thirty large blossoms. I put it into water for 24 hours, together with three lemons, cut in pieces, then poured all that through a piece of cloth and boiled it with sugar and citric acid. Delicious syrup!

It took me some time to find it, pick it and make the syrup. That's why I was busy, see?


  1. That's a lot of white fluff! I'm sure my allergies would be raging if I was strolling about your countryside. It 'tis lovely, though!

  2. Those Spring snow pictures are awesome! That would make my chest blow up like never before.

  3. I think they are awesome pictures! I love all of them, can't even pick a favorite. That is a lot of white fluff!!! It's always nice to get out and connect with nature; it's therapeutic.

  4. Oh, thanks! I actually took a lot of pictures that day, but they were no good. And I couldn't catch it properly while flying in the air :( which really reminds me of snowing. The rain at the weekend finally made things a bit better. Besides, poplar trees aren't in blossom any more, I suppose - they probably disposed of all that fluff now.

  5. Oh, the snow I vacuumed every fifteen minutes at work, because the place I work is just next to the poplar tree park. Unbeliveable!

    And I know the story about the weed... When I was in kindergarten I coloured the flowers in my colouring book blue and all my friends said I don't have a clue about flowers because only weed can be blue! Whatever! :))

  6. Hi Minka! We have fluff from cottonwood trees that comes a bit later in the spring, after school is over. I have been inspired by your blog and by others to get a new little camera I can carry around with me, and will try to share some spring days here. (The blossoming trees are done, but the lilacs are still in full array.)

  7. Hi Minka, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Elderberry, yes. There is a big one in the yard next door.