Saturday, 30 May 2009

We're Under Surveillance!

It's official now!

This is about the Gossip Queen (see the previous post). She has earned the capitals, believe me. But let me start from the beginning.

It was Tuesday morning. I came out of the building to sit in my car and go to work. But the car was not where I had left it. I found it right away, but... How? My daughter wasn't home and my son doesn't drive. Or does he? He doesn't have a driving license, anyway.

I talked to him when I got home, yelled a little, but he didn't take it seriously. I guess I'll have to be careful with the car keys and get him to pass the driving test as soon as possible.

This morning we came out at the same time as the Queen herself. She immediately tarted asking:

"When did you get your driving license, how old are you now?"

He answered somewhat reluctantly, I did, too and she went on:

"I laughed so much the other night watching you park the car for at least fifteen minutes! I couldn't sleep, it was 1.30 at night, oh did I laugh! I almost peed laughing!"

My son still insists he only moved the car in the parking lot and didn't go anywhere with it. Whatever.

And Her Majesty - I bet she couldn't sleep from the fear something might escape her eyes.


  1. I saw you when you came home yesterday at 5am, I saw you! :DD lol.. Maybe the cat that is sitting on her balcony fence is just another transfigurational form of her, just like Minerva McGonagall's in Harry Potter ;)

  2. Your Gossip Queen sounds like my Grandmother a bit. She'll call me up and start the conversation with "I don't like to gossip, but did you hear about so and so? They're marriage has fallen apart!" Or it will be something like "I don't judge people, but so and so is getting so fat, she needs to go on a diet!"

    Don't get me wrong, I love the woman, I just can't stand the way she speaks.

  3. I understand. I developed an annoying habit of telling people what bothers me, too but in their face. Like: You know you shout when you think you are speaking? It happens quite a lot... I said that to a colleague who actually learned to speak in a more normal volume... The same way I can say: I don't really want to listen to this and this. Can we speak about something else? Not often, though, it must get pretty annoying for me to say something like that.

  4. I guess it depends on the nature of the relationship. Between friends, being honest (with humor and affection) is very different from someone you barely know poking into your business. But - perhaps she means well but just hasn't got much social skill?

  5. Maybe so. But she's retired and has had plenty of time to learn some. Never mind, I'll live. and if it makes her happy, well, you know... let it be.

  6. You are so much kinder than I would be.:)) I suppose one should feel sorry for a person who has nothing better in their life to occupy their time? But I do not.

  7. At 1.30 at night, at five in the morning (see my daughter's comment above - it really happened) - what are we to think? I will not let it bother me (too much).

  8. Wait a old is your son?

  9. 17. He'll be 18 in two weeks. That's when he could have a regular driving license. Kids can get a permit at 16 and drive accompanied by a licensed driver and then o another test at 18, but they usually just wait till they're 18 and do it then.

  10. Thanks for your comment to my blog. I'm taking it easy this weekend. :) Come back and see me anytime!