Monday, 4 May 2009


They softened my heart today at that "music lesson". No it wasn't really a music lesson, it was an English one, as usually when I'm teaching.

The smartest girl in class who knows everything and has a comment on everything and to whom nobody is wise or clever enough (no one of the grown-ups, that is) and who would always do things differently and .. you know the type by now... said:

"Why can't all lessons be like this?" Wow!

They actually listened and figured out what I was trying to say, actually AGREED with me, geez! Are they the same kids? The ones that don't want to open their workbooks, textbooks or do their homework?

Not all of them write the answers, a few chat and don't know what we're doing, when I want a few answers , some are already protesting... Discussion? It starts fine, then... forget about it! Homework? Am I serious?

Okay, they are the same. Phew! I'm relieved. Aliens didn't abduct them and snatch their bodies, then.

By the end of the year I may use one or two more songs to do something like this. They do listen to good music after all. I have to give them credit for that. And since I have jut found out this kind of work is safe and won't change their personalities entirely, why not?


  1. You're obviously doing something right...but they still could be aliens, maybe just aliens that want to learn!

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  3. Wow, it must be nice when they "getit"! Not being a teacher, I really don't know the feeling, but Congrats on it my dear Gal :)

  4. It dos feel nice. It means that they answer my questions and talk about something I suggest without sarcasm and that we actually agree on something.