Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My kids

It's been enough now. Enough of this time at home, only my son and me, just my sweetheart coming for coffee (is he here yet? no, but soon), giving me a lot of opportunity for being lazy.

Do you know the difficult kind of talking to a teenager? I know I do, that is why I enjoy so much when I can actually talk to my son, joke about things, even tease him about this and that and he is still nice. Compared to his grumbling version, never guilty of anything and everyone else is stupid, this is just awesome.

Lately he has developed this fascination with DIY jobs. Besides, he found out that some power tools are not that expensive. Mind you, we live in a flat. Not a house. A flat. Fifty-seven square metres, neighbours above us, below us. And my darling son bought a power saw. This one(not my photo):

When you make something from wood, it needs sanding of course. So this little mouse joined the saw (again, not my photo):

But then, you need to put things together, you have to make holes for the screws... you know. He got himself a power drill, too, which can also be used for other things. Good thing he can look for a good deal and not pay an awful lot for all those things.

Here you can see his last acquisition, lying in the middle of the not so welcome side effect - the messy balcony:

And I'm not a whiner - the balcony IS messy, here's only a small picture of it and it isn't the only place - the bathroom has suffered, too as well as the kitchen (sanding and sawing make a lot of dust) and my darling son just won't understand why I'm not thrilled about his enthusiasm.

Okay, I mustn't get all pessimistic now - he did sand the wndow frames which can finally be painted now and smoothened the wall before painting and... yeah, he's a good boy :)

Besides, he cooks, remember? Last night he made a cocomut cake (I do not like coconut), in a shape of heart, with vanilla cream and almonds... The cake vanished together with my son, the kitchen... well, I'm not putting THAT photo on the blog....

Sweet trouble, I'm having...

At least my batteries are all charged now and cleaning will help me wait till my daughter comes from her trip and starts talking. Maybe she won't tell me so much tonight if she's late, maybe most of the talking will take place tomorrow... Can't wait to hear everything.


  1. Ha! I wonder if my boys will be like that when they are older. It'd be nice to have someone who could do the repairs around the house.

    I don't like coconut either.

  2. Yes, but he has a special someoe who DOES like coconut... that's why this special shape :)

    Good luck with the boys and thei DIY skills!

  3. Kylie, just hope that they will also develop some cleaning skills (which my brother obviously didnt't :P )

  4. Oh yes... you know exactly what I'm talking about...

  5. Hey, at least he is industrious though right?! Much more than I was!!

  6. I am impressed with your handyman. Maybe, just maybe, he'll buy a shop vac so he can clean up after his work. :-)

  7. I've got your boy's twin living at my house. He love finding a project that usually involves a huge mess and he never cleans up his mess. I get upset and he thinks I'm just always mad at him for no reason. Ugh.....boys!

  8. Isn't it amazing how they don't see (don't want to) why we are angry?

  9. Hi Minka, It sounds like you have an ambitious son there, helping around the house. How nice that he has the skills to use that equipment. Thank you for stopping by my blog, we enjoy your comments and hope to see you again. I enjoyed browsing here!

  10. Oh, yes - ambitious!

    And thank you, Joanne... I'll try to keep it browsable, then... :D

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. An addiction to tools is about the best teenage problem I can imagine. Time to suffer in silence about the chaos and loss of space, eh?

  12. Sounds like your boy is being quite a sweetheart, even if he doesn't clean up after himself. Kinda nice, isn't it!?!

    Besides, him not doing the cleaning shows he still needs you :)

  13. Oh Yes! And he likes to tease me, too... Two excuses why I should do the cleaning... :)