Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunny morning

All photos clickable to enlarge.

Today's sunny morning lured me out to take in some fresh air. It was my son really, that made me put on my trainers and go hiking a little. I said I couldn't - I had to clean the kitchen. He promised he would do it, if only I agreed to go out for at least two hours.

I really am a couch potato, and having been home for almost a week, I thought it actually might do me good.

I chose a nice path through the woods. It had everything a hiker could ask for. Even stairs where it is a little steeper.

It has a nice bench for the more tired moments - or moments of deep thinking.

While sitting there you can look up and what do you see? Don't get dizzy now!

It has... now what is this? It has objects that make you think and wonder...

Oh, I see - I guess it was a wooden tap that didn't work. Too many holes or something. So they left it there for aesthetic reasons and made another one for the thirsty ones.

Yes, this path offers water to drink and water to rest your eye on.

And when you get there, a bridge is already waiting.

And if it's too hot out in the sun, you can have a rest in a cave.

Just kidding. That was only a hole in a stone. See?

I was hiking alone so I didn't talk which was good. But I wasn't all alone. See that busy bee on the right?

Then I put my camera away. So I didn't take a photo of my doctor, whom I met on my way home - I was supposed to be at home till Tuesday - or the kitchen when I got home. My dear son didn't keep his promise and only washed the dishes after I got home. I cleared up the mess in the kitchen after lunch, so it's fine, really.

Hope your day is as nice as mine.


  1. I so very much loved this post! And how blessed you are to have this beauty to enjoy. It reminds me of my bike rides through the woods in Germany, where there is a bike trail to take you anywhere you want to go.

    Being surrounded by nature, allows one to reorganize his/her thoughts. It is good for health and the soul.

    Your pics are stunning and beautiful; they take my breath away. Thank you for the lovely and inspiring photos...and blog.

  2. Wow! Thank YOU!
    Yes, nature is good. And I know I'm lucky. About the photos - you know how it is with a digital camera, among with these I made a bunch of bad ones. I'm trying to learn and improve the rate of the good ones.

    Thabks again. It feels so good. :D

  3. That looks like a wonderful walk with gorgeous scenery! I'm so glad you took photos to share with us.

    It's a lovely day out today too, but the only thing I did outside was to bathe the dog. My husband and kids are out shoveling horse manure that they got from dh's friend. It makes wonderful compost!

  4. You're doing great! Me, it is just luck when I get a good photo.:)

  5. beautiful photos they were... love hiking too...

  6. Thanks! Yep, hiking is good.

  7. Oh I can't wait till I can go for a hike in the woods at Silv's! He doesn't have any bridges, benches or stairs, but it is all still lovely non-the-less. Over there, you have to follow deer trails, aside from us, I don't think many humans walk down there!

    Even if your son didn't clean the kitchen, I'm glad he managed to get you out of the house for some site seeing, your pics are indeed very lovely!

  8. I recently went out to my favorite little enclosed woods/garden - nothing much is green yet, but you can see the buds are swelling, and ferns poking little fronds up from below last year's carpet of leaves. Soon! Enjoy.

  9. I will, Mary Ellen. You, too! And Skye, he often does that - or tries to do it. He fixed me a bike that is still waiting for me to take it out for a ride... :)

  10. Where in the world is this? Looks gorgeous.

  11. :) Of course those pics are great, they're taken with my camera ;)
    Your son should learn that a deal has to be done on the both sides, or else these persuadings don't have any effect any more. ;)