Sunday, 5 April 2009


I remember some 22 years ago when I was still studying for my teaching degree, another student lent me her notes. A week or so later I was talking to the librarian and mentioned to her that I had to go and find that girl so I could give them back.
"Don't worry, she still has them on her computer," she said.
"What do you mean?" I actually wanted to know.
"They're printed notes, she has them on her PC."
I did not keep asking, I felt rather stupid, but I really didn't know what that looked like. I took her word for it, though.

Some 13 years ago we had a computing course at our school. I took it, not that believed I would learn. Not having a computer at home, I hadn't really had the chance to use one. We did the basic things and... I loved it! :)

There were other courses, we learned things from Word to Power Point and basic web design... yaay! Still love it! The last two were about online learning and dynamic web page (Moodle and Yoomla) Haven't had the time to do much about my "online classroom", but I sure will...

The first time we had a computer at home was about ten years ago. One and a half giga hard drive... LOL my USB is 16 giga now! And I had internet access over phone line. And that's what I really meant to write about in this post. You see, this was really the first additional cord in our home - from the phone to my desk. You couldn't, of course, talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time. And while a page was loading, I could go to the bathroom, sat back on my chair and still wait a little. If it was heavy with photos, I could make myself a cup of coffee. And sometimes I just changed my mind and cancelled.

Then came the ADSL - together with ISDN which made it quite expensive. Again, we needed some additional cords. OK, never mind.

Then our TV became a problem. Not that I need over 100 channels. I wanted to see four or five, but because of one more satellite dish (of one of our neighbours) we couldn't see any. So we got ourselves cable TV. Another cable.

With all sorts of internet providers I figured out (but it took me some time) that I was paying way too much. So I chose triple play from the same provider I was using for the internet access before. More cords!

Yesterday we took the furniture in the hall apart to replace it with some new one - after painting the ceiling. And if you want to see what PROGRESS looks like, here's the picture:

I decided to cut off the cable TV cable (LOL - like table tennis table), but I'm still not sure about some of the others. The floor and the walls will be nicer, but I guess we will still have some of this spaghetti behind the furniture.

But without it there wouldn't be this post, either. Not for one reason, but two.


  1. So what you're really trying to say is...

    ...someone help me sort out that cabling mess?!?

  2. Wouldn't hurt, that's true, but no, I'll sort that out myself - as much as it can be sorted out, I guess... :)

  3. Ah Minka, try having 4 computers hooked up, plus the phone cord, and the cable cord for the t.v. all running round and round under your desks! I have 2 desks in my living room, and with the 4 computers on them, they take up my whole North wall. It's really quite insane when you think about it!

  4. LOL, Skye... and can this be called progress? You have my sympathy...

  5. Ugh...cords - they drive me crazy. Seems like the computer comes with about 100 cords and every add-on (printer, scanner, etc) requires another 20 cords each.

    I first had a computer back in, oh, 1983, I think....clunky old Commodore 64, I think it was. Fun for games, and that was about it; I still used a typewriter for anything needed typed up. :} Now, my kids wordprocess everything!

  6. Well these are just the cords BEFORE the connection gets to the TV and computer... I didn't say a word about the mess under my desk... ugh! ...just like you said.
    And, as Skye pointed out, many families have a much bigger spaghetti mess.

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  8. Thanks, Bendz! You just made my day! :)