Tuesday, 7 April 2009

What goes around comes around

What a cliche!
But it's true, isn't it?

And if you ask me who I am and what I'm like, I will tell you, among other things, that I love talking! I talk too much. Waaay too much. Even as a child, I was rather obedient, not demanding at all, I was kind of slow in motion, no tantrums, nothing! But if I had something to say, you couldn't stop me.

When you grow up, you learn, of course, that it's not always your turn. You have to listen, too. And it feels good to listen, as well. You cannot spread your thoughts and opinions all the time, can you?

And yet, sometimes I almost think aloud. I often find my mouth quicker than my mind. I wish I hadn't said this or that!! And one of my students says sometimes (when I say something because I want what's best or her): "Don't start and spread your life wisdom here, pleeease!" I guess, some other students feel the same, but don't say it. You know how we old people are - always preaching! Yep, I'm over forty!

Yesterday it happened. God must have said: "Will you woman shut up for a moment or what?"

When I woke up, I started to say something - LA LA LA or anything, just to test my vocal cords, because I felt something was more wrong than yesterday. Yesterday, you see, I had a voice of a bear which I lost completely by this morning. And stayed numb. I could only text our principal assistant about my misfortune and ask her to confirm receiving the information. Later on she called, my daughter answered and then they both laughed at me! Not nice! Well, it IS kind of funny, anyway, I admit.

Somehow it happened that we are all at home today, my two children and me. We tend to quarrel when we're all together. No quarreling today... I wonder why?


  1. Not fun losing your voice! I can't say as I recall ever having completely lost mine, very close, where my loudest was barely a whisper, but nope, not totally.

    Hope you get over it soon!

  2. Whisper is not good for your vocal cords when you're like this, so... nodding and shaking my head is better.

  3. I knew there must be a reason why I beat you at Kylies!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. It is pretty funny though!

    Sorry that I'm just now following you. I must have gone stupid, 'cause I thought I was already following.

  5. Obviously you were kinda following, thanks for officially joining my Flowers now!

  6. Well, you can say that you are just resting up for a little more talking in a few days. Nothing wrong with talking.

    p.s. I also talk out loud to myself. The kids are always asking me what in the world I am saying.

  7. To that question I have an inherited answer - from my mum: I have to talk someone wise from time to time!
    Or: to someone who REALLY understands me!

    I, on the other hand, try to answer my kids sometimes and then realize they're talking to someone on their cellphones - can be pretty funny sometimes!

    But right now it annoys me when someone calls me from another room - now what do they expect? That I'll jump up and run to them? Or yell?

  8. I don't talk very much usually, but I also have the habit of blurting things out when I shouldn't. I'm over 40 too and I still haven't learned to hold my tongue. :}

    I hope you get over your laryngitis soon!

  9. Another teacher, here. Home sick today. Surfing around on blogs before I go and take a nap. Sore throat, but still have my voice. At least for now...but how would I know for sure?? I'm home alone and haven't spoken for hours! And I don't intend to....

  10. Hi, Elenka, thanks for stopping by! You don't know? What about that little "la la la" exercise?

  11. Thanks, TeresaR, I hope so, too...
    About blurping things out...some people just never learn, do we? :)

  12. I hope you're finally getting your voice back, and feeling better all 'round!

  13. Thank you, Skye! Yes, I am, actually - now I'm back to the voice of a bear with a cold, together with a cough ad stuffed nose, but it's not too bad. The doctor told me to come back on Tuesday, meaning I'd be back to work on Wednesday, but I guess I'll go to work on Tuesday already. I would on Monday, but we don't work on Easter Monday here. So my health is getting better, but I'm still saving my voice by being as quiet as possible. Not a bad thing, really. I guess I DO talk too much.

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  15. I see Krax found you as well, I told him ever so not politely to knock off the adverts. I went to check out his blog in that link, Weird!!!

  16. Exactly! But you DID check and so DID I!
    And he signed it with his name? I wonder, but I have to respect that, if it's true.