Thursday, 16 April 2009


What do you do when it gets kind of late for lunch, you're hungry and really don't feel like cooking?

If your culinary student son is sitting by the PC, trying to type some notes from a piece of paper, doing it painfully slowly, it is definitely time for a job swap.

"I'll type it for you if you cook something."
"Whatever you want. I'm starving. And I don't want to cook."
"Okay. Do we have any meat?"
"Enough meat in the fridge."

I exercised my fingers and finished before my son finished his steaks and roast potatoes. He seasoned the meat differently and made a sauce I've never tried before and the potatoes with parmigiano cheese were just yummy! Some salad would have been nice, but you can't have everything, can you?

It's soooo nice when you can talk to your teenage kids (17 and a half), do things together and really get along with them, even at this old age (over 40, remember? :D ) And sit on the couch in the evening and watch the best film ever about that box of chocolates, called life.

Oh, and no pictures today, sorry . Too hungry when lunch was ready.


  1. Oh, my little brother cooking yummies only when I'm not at home, not fair. When I'm there he's only cooking non-yummies :P when I'm at home he's never a good boy, actually. Hmmmmmm... is it possible that you're lying :D

  2. It's possible that you have bad influence on him... hmmm...

  3. What a great day for you! Well, it sounds to me like you have taught your son well. And what a way to top the day off, watching a movie about chocolates. Good for you to have such wonderful day, making memories with your son.:) Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. Hugs.

  4. My kids make a terrific waffle for Sunday breakfast, but haven't ventured into too much cooking. My husband cooks very well, so he shows them how he does it, but they've not shown much interest (just like me; I don't like to cook). You're very lucky to have a son that loves to cook and is good at it. :)

  5. Hugs back :)

    So far other people know more about what he can cook than I do, I'm afraid... he cooks at school and sometimes for his friends, but is often reluctant to prepare something at home. Not interesting enough or something, I don't know.
    Do you know the film?

  6. I'm gonna force my kids to become culinary students.

  7. I wonder how you will do that... :)

    Good luck!

  8. You mean there may come a day when my KIDS will cook for ME? Nice.

  9. You never know, Teri. And hope dies last....

  10. How lucky you are! Ah, but then, I am too :) Munchkin will make things like Mac and Cheese (homemade, not KD) or tomato soup and grilled cheese for me, when I don't feel like cooking, and she's only 10. Or she'll pull something from the freezer, put it in the oven, and cook that up. I don't know if that counts though, as I'm the one who pre-prepared it and put it in the freezer in the first place :D.

    Then of course, there's Silv. He's always good for making a steak and lobster or shrimp dinner. So yep, I guess I am indeed lucky too. It's nice having others cook for you, isn't it Minka?

  11. At ten? Of course it counts! Congrats to Munchkin! And her mum!

    But beware ... at 11 my son burnt the kitchen... badly...

    Not that it will happen to you now that you've been warned :)

  12. Thanks for the warning Minka, I'll keep a close eye on here from now on! Granted, I've been knon to start a few fires myself. I've put oven mitts on elements I had forgotten to shut off, I've turned elements to "high" when I wanted them on "low" (started an oil fire doing that once, NOT good), oh the things I've done, it's rather scary at times! And I'm a cook by profession, go