Friday, 17 July 2009


Two years ago yesterday - 16th July 2007. A funny day.

I went to my mum's and also wanted to visit an old friend of mine from high school. We were (still are that is) best friends: talked about all sorts of stuff, partied together, shared a room. She's the best.

Anyway, her oldest child is a boy, he was in the ninth grade, her daughter was in the fifth, I think, when she had another baby in May two years ago. So I wanted to visit this friend's family and its newest member and bought a small present and everything.

So we sat, we talked, we laughed, memories were flowing, my kids were there with me so we admired what time did with our children, both proud of the young people that have grown so much. The news, you know - you have to know a little what has been going on. We had some juice, she even offered some cake her mum had made for her. Yummy! In a way it is a relaxed time for a family when there's a new baby. I know, all that new rhytm and all sorts of changes, but with the maternity leave, mum at least doesn't have to worry about her job for a year. This family was building a house, but still.

Anyway, after a pleasant afternoon we took off. We are never quiet in the car. The debate went on and on about this and that and came to birthdays. I don't know why or how. I remember quite man and were not yet on half way when I came to this friend's birthday on the.. wait.. SHE'S FORTY TODAY!!!

I almost started banging my head against the dashboard and my kids were laughing: "We had her birthday cake, mum!"Oh geez, so we did! I usually remember these things - whether I see her or not - I just call her. HOW COULD I????

I tried to call her but couldn't reach her and tried again later, till we could finally speak next morning.

"I know why you're calling," she laughed. There were no words to tell her how stupid I felt. She wasn't offended. She's a true friend.

Why am I writing this today? We went to my mum's yesterday (a spur of a moment) and later visited my friend as well. I found out yesterday that they had just moved, so we went to buy a plant - a nice flower in a pot.

She showed us her house a little, her youngest is soooo cute and again, we could just talk and talk.

Most important:

When I met her, I first wished her a happy birthday and gave her the present - not for birthday, but for their new home.

But I remembered! I did! :D


  1. I'm very bad at birthdays, so I put some friends birthdays on my electronic calendar - and just noticed that there were three birthday Wednesdays in a row in a group that gets together regularly - we're getting together tomorrow morning. Hmmm . . what can I bring?

  2. Good work. Better than me, I forgot my sister's this week. :(

  3. You can't remember everything and since you made amends, all is good!

  4. All was good even two years ago - I provided her with such great material to laugh about! And since she knows me so well and is such a good friend, she wasn't angry for a second, nor did she tease me about it. She just laughed - I would, too, had it been her. You can't help feeling a bit stupid though.

  5. Mo, did you wish her a late happy birthday? Did she say anything?

  6. Oh that is hilarious Minka! I won't read this to Silv though, he's too much fun to laugh And quite frankly, if I tell him that he's not the only one that forgets birthdays, he'll put a stop to making jokes at his own expense for me to laugh at. He truly is one of a kind :)