Saturday, 11 July 2009


What is wrong with this picture?
Anything right about it at all?

Like all pictures, this one is also telling a story. It's a story of a creative, talented 18-year-old and his mum. He (not only his mum's fault, but also) is at home while most of his friends are on vacation. Nothing really bad about that. But could be better. It's also a story of a cyclist with no races to go to because his cycling club sucks. Big time! Poker is a past time for only so long, he's also not working today, so... yep - he's bored to death!

So he's trying to fix the sewing machine, has actually used it (although a piece is missing), drilling holes into a piece of wood (have no idea why, hope he does), all in all, he's making a mess in the kitchen. And when he stops, he keeps asking me what he should be doing.... He even asked me earlier today if the library was open. A bad case of boredom, I tell you.

Story of his mum, I said - well, I was the one who should have put away the dinner stuff. I'll do it right away.


  1. Must be desperate if the library looks inviting.

  2. If only you knew him! Desperate indeed.

  3. There are those days when you just feel bored no matter what you do.:) I have those days now and then, even when I have a ton of things to do I still feel bored.

    Cycling, now that sounds like fun anytime.:)

  4. I almost went crazy when I came home and saw that :S

  5. Okay, but to make you go crazy, your brother had to make an extra effort. And he did. I know.

  6. Whenever Becca complains about boredom I find all kinds of work that needs to be done. Oh there's floors to mop, a bathroom to clean, yard to rake, dog messes in the yard to clean up before raking can be done, garbage to take out, laundry that needs to be done. Oh yes, I can find something and somehow it never takes more than 2 chores before something more interesting catches her

  7. I can find stuff like that too, but my answer, my friends, gets lost blowing in the wind...

    Anyway, he has found himself a job and is looking for another one. Things are getting better... He's old enough, too, isn't he?