Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Clearing up the mess

I'm not much of a housekeeper. I lack certain skills and above everything, determination, I guess. I WILL tidy and clean this place before the summer break ends, but one thing at a time.

My computer first. :D

The computer is not very old and could work perfectly fine, but with all the things that are installed on it, I can understand it's not easy, poor guy!
So we decided to format the hard drive and install everything (NOT everything!! really) again.

Struggling through the files I feel I've been so diligent writing all sorts of stuff! I've never known how hard working I've been until I have to deal with all this mess!

And yes it was very very clever to just close documents and let Word name it Doc1 or Doc 10 - this way you are bound to know where it belongs once you have to backup everything. Saving the same thing into six or seven different folders was another very smart thing to do. Yaay me! So what I've been doing most of the day today is moving files from one folder to another. Not knowing what some of them they are, I had to open many and rename them into something that makes sense. Then I moved them. Okay, since we are making some changes in the program, class 7 isn't necessarily class 7 - maybe we will be learning the same stuff in class 6 now - or class 8. Whatever.

And how good it feels to find things you were looking for only a month or two ago and couldn't find them: a very good exercise you then had to write again (and no I have one more - yay again!) or a test you could have used with some alteration!

Some documents brought some memories back - like a folder with some pictures and facts of Russia - my son needed those in 8th grade to make a presentation. It took him ages to put it together but he adnitted he actually learned something. He was 13 (18 now).

Much of the mess is the result of having difficulties in finding things in the past - so now I had like 3 files with clipart on health issues (headache, sore throat and stuff) and another four or five on animals - simply because once I had what I needed it was still easier to find the sam thing on the internet next time then to look it up on my own computer. And then, of course, I alsao found odd things like pictures of a formula one driver or mother Theresa - in a spur of a momet I decided we could use them at school and then we never did.

The next thing that brought memories back, were lists. Lists of students I used to teach. They generated pictures in my head of studens sitting in their places and doing what they usually did: some were very quiet, some made a fuss over every little thing, some tried to provoke me as often as they could. Some were just never quiet or serious. Maybe when they were writing a test.

Enough memories now - I'll go back and tidy some more folders - like rooms in a house - it' nice to see them change into a structured database. Like when you clear the chaos by putting things in order, finding a perfectly good desk beneath them. Know the feeling?

I'll switch to the shovelling of the files here and there now. How much more??!? I can't even see the light at the end of it... geez what was I thinking?


  1. I so much appreciate the powerful search functions in my operating system - but I do try to at least put the year in the title of folders of stuff. Good luck! Hope you find some treasures, some memories to make you smile!

  2. Oh what a chore. I dread doing the same thing but I need to get some of this stuff off my hard drive.

  3. Oh, God, yes. I need to organize my files and get them backed up before something really bad happens. Thanks for the reminder. I'm such a slacker on this stuff....

  4. Interesting. I store all documents, photos, everything on an external drive, and back that up every month or so onto an other external drive. That way wiping is very quick!

  5. I must say that I am very organized with my computer filing system. Makes for a much easier time when looking for stuff. Given the way I was raised, though, I think this system was born out of desperation for a better way. We certainly did NOT learn to organize at home. Weird.

  6. Does this make me anal or something? I have folders within folders within folders. Everything labelled and dated and easily accessable. For example, I have a folder labelled blog posts, inside that folder, I have folders labelled; posted, new for weekly chuckles, new for shades of grey, ideas for posts, governmental post ideas, picture ideas for posts. And inside those folders I have more folders, documents and pictures. You get the As a matter of fact, I do believe that I have about 50 actual folders in My Documents, each with, as you can see, lots of interior folders with more folders inside of those. Not one of those folders is without documents and pictures as well.

    Silv can't understand it, he wonders how my house can be so unorganised but my computer overly so. I believe it's that way because I have no one else cluttering up my computer. Silv has 3 of his own he uses and if Becca wants to save anything on mine, she has her own folders to do so in and has to leave mine alone. Yep, I think that makes me weird at the very

  7. I wiuh I were a bit weird that way... I had folders with the same name all around - and a copy here, a copy there, 5 files with the same name... when making a backup, the PC kept asking me "Do you want to replace the file size... created ... with this file size ... created...? I kept looking at those sizes, hitting enter and renaming the files! Crazy! Things are better now and the computer has a better life :)