Sunday, 19 July 2009


Tons and tons of clutter. Neatly put in boxes I have to deal with now. Thank god there's no dust on them, but they just keep coming and coming. While I'm trying to put them on the floor neatly without too much space between them, so that I can still breath, they keep falling from the ceiling if not from the sky itself. Just as I think I'm doing such a great job they appear from the basement, too (have no idea how they do it) and push me up and against the ceiling so I have to start from the beginning. Why does my leg hurt? I've been sitting in a strange way, not knowing it. What's that smell? Something in the kitchen, I guess. Oops! Coming! Let me just put these four, no five boxes where they belong. What were you saying? Can't hear you, but I'll be there in a minute - these packages keep bothering me - if I go away now, god knows what will happen! When I go to bed, I can see them, flying and waiting for me to direct them and place them perfectly. Blue and yellow, purple, orange and green and mixed in such a way that there are bound to be colours together that actually don't match! Ugh! And some are of such shapes you must leave some space in between. But I'm good, I'm good, I even get points for it and a higher rank...

No more tetris today! Or this week! Or ever!


  1. Oh I love Tetris! I haven't played it in absolutlutely years though. I do however know exactly what you mean by seeing the boxes when you go to bed. I used to be so addicted to that game that I'd spend my nights dreaming about these lines and boxes floating and flying around. Oh my it was

  2. I deleted the bookmark. No tetris! I'm sure many could relate to this. :)

  3. I would be able to relate Minka if it weren't for the fact that I actually owned the Nintendo machine and the game to go with it! No computer when I was so rediculously addicted, if it weren't for the fact that my machine died, I'd still be playing the

    Now though, I tend to find myself playing the game Bejeweled! Almost as bad, I have to admit!

  4. I've not played Tetris in a long time (like Skye), but I know it's very addictive. :)