Friday, 3 July 2009

My Dear Teenager!

There have been moments when you got on my nerves, causing serious damage. Or maybe not so serious because my nerves have become tougher (much tougher) than they used to be.

It's not about the times when you did the unexpected. That shocked me, but I could live with it. To be honest, the unexpected makes our lives more interesting. More risky, maybe, but interesting as well. Isn't it just too nice to know that something bad has almost happened - bit DIDN'T?

It isn't about those small things that didn't work out as rthey were supposed to. Really, I wouldn't mind. I can forget about the unimportant and enjoy the beauty of our life together.

It is about letting me down only too often!

Why do I have to call my friends (thank God for my good friends!) to do what you were supposed to? Why do I have to live with someone so terribly unreliable?

I could deal with my other two teenagers quite well, though. Still can, but one of them is no longer that. And the way she is, I must have been doing something right. Where did I go wrong with you???

I know, I know. I should have thought things through much better than I did. Sorry. I should have thought twice (ten times!) if I really wanted you. Sorry sorry.

I should have learned my lesson when the same thing happened with your older brother. What was I thinking?

But I guess I didn't. I did it again. You must go now. No place for you here any more.

Not today maybe, but soon. Okay?

(On top of everything, you're green!)


  1. Sounds like you're in the same boat I'm in Minka. I need a new car as well, sucks, doesn't it!?!

    By the way, sometime over the next couple of days, I'll have something waiting for you. With luck it will be there in my blog awaiting your arrival tonight :)

  2. Neither of mine have become fully-licensed drivers, and they're in their early 20's now. That has led to a lot of chauffeur work on my part. Other trials and tribulations came my way, of course. They do get more independent with time!

  3. Oh, Mary Ellen, I know! The teenager I'm talking to here is green and can be seen in the first photo.

    Sky, yes it does suck!
    What is it? What is it? Can't wait....

  4. I have a long time to wait before mine reaches the teenage years, but I know time will fly fast.

    Oh gosh.

  5. Our truck is a teenager, but still pretty well behaved. Our main family car we never keep long enough to have it be a teenager. We take some long drives across the U.S. with it on vacation so it must be very reliable. :)

  6. Dang - I didn't get it! Let's see, my trusty van is . . . NEARLY a teen.

  7. Oooh, I have a Hyundai Tucson, but she's still a baby - she's only four! She's been in two bad accidents, but she protected us very well. I love her dearly....

  8. My Volvo is 25. It was supposed to be the last car I would ever buy but we have finally let her rest in peace in the driveway after years of service. She did her best and the engine still runs. It's just the rest of her that is too old.

  9. My daughter is about to be 16. We are eventually going to have to let her drive. I am so not looking forward to this.

  10. With dogs, they say each year equals seven years (so it only takes two years in real time before the doggie is a teen). With cars, I wonder what the ratio is? Is one year = to one year? Or did your car actually become a teen when it was, say, five?

    Okay, now I'm confusing all of us.

  11. Oh, dear, now you've given me something to think about... If it's like dog years, than my car shold have been retired for a long time now.

    I was talking about real years. It's actually 13. Not good, huh? Not as old as your Volvo, Ellen, but still.

    Teri, don't panic. Worrying a little is fine, but that comes with driving or without it.

    Thanks or your thoughts, all of you!

  12. You'll find out right away Minka, I'm in the process of writing the post now! :)