Sunday, 8 March 2009

Happy Women's Day!

To all you women out there - may this be YOUR day, whatever the reasons may have been to make this day special

and celebrating it in your country or not - may it celebrate all those things you contribute to the lives of the people around you! Everything you are and all the good that you do!


  1. You got nothing for the men? Nothing at all?!

  2. Your day is tomorrow, sorry! (Martyrs' Day). It is quite common for women to get a flower on 8th March and just a little less for men to get a cactus or something similar on the 9th.

    Besides, I wish you only good and pleasant days... what more could you want? :D

  3. Do you know that since 1918, March 8 has been an official state holiday in Russia, known as International Women’s Day.
    Modern day celebrations take the form of toasting and giving presents to the attention towards the fairer sex, yet few are aware of this holiday’s origins.

    It’s more than bunches of tulips and men taking over in the kitchen and it’s definitely not a strange cross between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day as some describe it.

    I've got the whole story in my blog))

  4. I know the origins. I meant to write a longer post, but ended with a nice wish to all women out there and a link

    And YES; it's more than flowers and dinners. Do YOU celebrate it?

  5. Of course I do) I struggle every 8th of March in the morning to get the freshest roses for my Mom and grandMa)