Monday, 23 March 2009

Where Did They Get YOU?

I don't remember ever asking mum where babies came from. But I do remember my parents telling me a story of them going to the shop for a

So they were married and loved each other. They wanted a baby. The lady in that shop showed them some babies. And they saw this cute little girl. They just fell in love with her. So they bought that one and went home.

After sometime they felt it would be nice to have another one. They went to the same baby shop and looked for a boy, as they already had a girl at home. They were shown an adorable little boy. He was a bit different from his sister, though. She had dark hair, while he hardly had any. And what he had, was blond. They liked him so much they didn't think twice, but decided in a moment.

Two years later they thought it would be nicer to have three children than just two. And off they went. They didn't mind if it was a girl or a boy. And then they saw ME! :-) And OF COURSE they couldn't leave me there...

Not only the shop, also the procedure was very special in that shop.
The lady behind the counter listened to what you wanted and opened several dusty carton boxes to show you the babies. And when you found the one you wanted, they went to the other part of the store to look for the suitable belly button. They screwed that into your tummy to hold your butt which would otherwise fall off. And the belly button has been there ever since - I guess they must have chosen the right one and fixed my behind properly (that is also still there).

I also remember my parents and other "old folks" talking about the past. The past beyond my memory. The years when they were young. And to my question "When was that?" or "When did that happen?" they sometimes replied it was before I existed.

Still little, I remembered the lesson about baby shopping and surprisingly believed every word of it. And I had a quick answer: "Of course I existed, you just hadn't bought me yet!"

I must have been three or four when I heard the story and nearly six when everybody else had forgotten all about it (but remembered when I refreshed their memory) and I still believed every detail. My parents never really talked about "those things", but they didn't really want me to believe THAT.

So I learned babies came from mum's tummy. I didn't need more than that at that time.

I had friends with different stories about where they came from. Do you have one, too?


  1. Ah my dad was just terribly straight up about it. But not on every exact dirty detail but just gave the picture of sperm in man, egg in woman and conception.

    (Just stumbled on your blog ^^)

  2. Stories? It's not a story, it's the truth. I came from a flower...

    I loved that post.

    My parents never really spoke openly about it, I just vague knew it was from my mum's tummy, and didn't understand why some of my friends didn't have dads.

  3. My parents never talked about it either. Actually, had they told me that story, I probably would have believed them as my youngest 2 siblings were both adopted and I, along with the other 3 kids in the family, went with them to meet and "buy" those 2. They were 6 and 4 at the time.

    My mother hadn't even told me about the "women's curse" till I had been cursed with it for over 2 years, and then it was "Skye I need to tell you that pretty soon you'll be needing those 'special napkins'", and I told her "Sorry mom, too little too late, I've been using them for over 2 years already. Even "A" is using them now, and she's 3 years younger than me!"

  4. I learned about the napkins from a friend of mine. Surprisingly, she learned from mum. But my mum actually went to the doctor with me years later when I needed birth control. That was huge progress in one generation - nobody EVER talked to her about anything related to "those things". I guess my dad still had to explain a thing or two. from this point of view, she was OK. I mean, I understand.

  5. your blog is good good good......

  6. Yeah, right! You leave this comment around all the time, copy-paste way. Visit your? Nope.

  7. My husband likes to tell the kids that they were hatched.

  8. I never heard a story like you did, but I loved hearing the whimsical way your parents told you this!

  9. It was all about my dad's sense of humour. He was probably making it up as he was speaking. It took me years to find out he wasn't serious about it. He often said funny things with a straight face and waited when it would dawn on us. It was just that I was so little! :-) I love the story, though, I never resented that!

    Hatched? Cool!
    My daughter asked why we had belly buttons. My son was a baby, so she must have been three and a half or so.I said that was where the babies get the food in mummy's tummy. After a while she said: "Then little chicks do not have belly buttons, right, mum?" See, she had a proof, she wasn't hatched! :D

  10. Great story!!!! Would make a wonderful illustrated children's book or short story. I love the concept. Very creative

  11. That was my dad. Story for children? I wouldn't really want them to believe that... But it might work with the proper explanation included in the story as well...