Saturday, 7 March 2009

Naughty boy

We were revising present simple, "my day" stuff, you know... There were just these two boys in the classroom and me. Not a regular class, but an extra lesson for those who are willing to put some more work into studying in order to improve their grades. In fact, one of these two boys was talked into it after a discussion with his mum (me an her, that is) and after me talking to him on several occasions. Well, he's finally here. Let's name him Bob.

The other one decided to be a good boy that day, I guess, or just figured out that with some more revising in a smaller group (there should be five or six other students) he would have to study less at home. I don't know.

None of these boys is what we would call "a good boy". But Bob - he can really wreck my nerves. Turning around ten times a minute to talk to someone instead of listening, he always answers with a broad smile on his face when I say something to him. He comes to class without homework, doesn't start doing the exercise many have already finished - he draws a mustache on a face in his workbook instead - interrupts my explanation or instructions annoying one neighbour or another and yet, he denies doing anything wrong. Grrrrr! But we can't let him get away without actually learning something. After all, he will be studying English for six or seven more years.

Anyway, we were revising "My Day". You know: I get up at six o'clock... They described their day in turns - one sentence each. We came to the evening, went past dinner, now what? My suggestion was shower...
"Well, I don't know, I said, maybe you don't have it in the evening. Maybe you have a shower in the morning."

This boy's answer was: I have it on Saturdays.

I just wanted to overhear that, but Bob was shocked: "What?!!? Not every day?"
The other boy then named some more days - the ones when he had practice (football or basketball, I'm not sure), saying that he always has a shower after practice, he came to some five days a week, so maybe he was just interrupted too soon the first time... but Bob...:

"I have a shower every day! At least twice!"
"Twice a day???"
"Of course! In the morning I go to my horses and feed them. When I come from the stable I must have a shower.I can't come too school all smelly, can I? And after homework, I go out and help dad with the horses and the rest of the animals. so, of course, I need a shower before going to bed..."

From present simple we came to all sorts of thoughts spinning in my head: Then this menace I can hardly stand some days is actually a boy who does some serious work - and I didn't hear a tone of complaint in his voice, he liked it!- and had a shower BEFORE CATCHING THE SCHOOLBUS! We start school at seven thirty so his bus must be leaving around seven!!! And he is happy to do the same in the afernoon... Wow!

I'm not sure this new knowledge about this boy's life will help me in any way. Perhaps it will. I'll try to make the best of it.


  1. My gosh, I didn't think any boys did that kinda thing these days. Hope you can find a way.

    The closest I ever came to helping with the animals was cleaning out a hamster cage every couple of weeks!

  2. But this little man (aged 12) loves it! My gosh indeed....

  3. I bet this kid is smart. Smart folks will listen to you more if they are interested in what you say. This can be a hard barrier if you are a school teacher. Give him a crazy fact every once in a while.

    here is one to start you...

    "All matter (All "stuff" in the universe) is primarily made or composed of the same ingredient.
    do you know what it is?

    Empty Space"

    I hope that helps.
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  4. Thanks!
    I know he's smart. But not one of the smart kids who don't have to work for school, or who get bored because everything is too easy for them (I do know the kind).

    I had a look at your logs - what you're doing there is good. Good luck!