Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring Walk

It was an ordinary afternoon - I was washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen... always the same, I guess you know the feeling. The sun, this mischievous thing, stretched its rays into our kitchen only to show me the spots I had missed. Okay, the broom, the mop, the regular accessories...

The bathroom has this thing with lots of clothes that don't smell nice. They are in there for a reason - waiting for me to put them into that revolving drum with occasional showers and liquids with nicer smells. And the bathroom itself needed a caring hand. The sun was very kind to me again, distracting me when I decided to be a good girl and turn the place into an unpleasant-smell- free-and-sparkling room that would fit in the cheesiest of commercials with one of those perfect housewives someone has made incredibly happy by giving her the newest thing that will kill all known germs and some we have no idea of yet. But will soon, so.... better safe than sorry.

Anyway, I didn't get that and all because of those index fingers that the sun has many. They kept pointing at one spot and another and I was fed up. I picked the phone and called my colleague who said she was doing something about the laundry. We needed ten more minutes to get ready and meet for a walk...

I had one road in mind, she had another and we chose to take a third one. And learn. It was not far from home, but we soon found new paths, got lost and found our way again. And enjoyed the sun that was teasing me before. It was like charging the batteries, waking my soul by using my body.

It was good. And the bathroom is OK now. The clothes, too. You can see some photos below. I put them there before I knew I would write this.


  1. Sadly bathrooms always need caring hands. It is a real shame.

    Fortunately I take my glasses off (or lenses out) when I'm going for a shower, so I often don't notice any grime or hair or whatever...

  2. That's a sad fact, yes, but A FACT.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful.

    It's amazing but, by the time you are my age, you have learned to ignore a lot of grime and you don't even see it;)

  4. Thanks!
    I hope not, I'm afraid I only ignore too much sometimes, never too little...

  5. I like my dishwasher, even my floors get cleaned up when my dishes get washed! My dishwasher is going on 11 now and still works quite well. Yes, I occassionally growl about the dishes not being perfectly clean, or the puddles left on the floor when all is said and done, but all-in-all, Munchkin does a fairly good job of it all :D

    As for the bathroom, well mine has no windows so I never have the problem of the suns fingers pointing out the spots I miss. In fact my bathroom is very poorly lit and so always appears cleaner than what it actually is.

    Then you mention your walk, ah, how I love Spring Walks! I can't wait till the sun melts the snow and dries the mud enough to go for a walk out in the bush again. I just follow the deer tracks down to the river, turn around, and follow a totally different set back up. No worries about getting lost down in the bush, getting lost in an urban jungle is my problem. I can't navigate my way alone through a city if my life depended on it!

  6. I've lived here for fifteen years now, but it's not like home, you know. I still know the paths of my childhood when I visit mum. Unfortunately, some of them are gone. Besides, I don't go there often enough. Sigh.
    But then, it's nice to explore around here and with a friend, too. "Get lost" in this case means that we do not know precisely where one or another path goes. Nothing to panic about.