Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Honest Mistake

Today we had what we call a "sports day" meaning that some students went skiing, some swimming and the rest went hiking. And so we went.

We chose a not too steep road through some fields and villages. We walked and chatted, enjoying what the nature had to offer. No classes today - most students liked that and the teachers didn't mind, either. I took my camera with me, still determined to learn how to use it properly. Ooops, not MY camera, it's actually my daughter's. Anyway, I liked some flowers by the road,

but I didn't pick them. I believe they would lose all their cuteness and beauty in a vase indoors. I'll just have to go out again to see them. Right?

Anyway, the day was gorgeous, we couldn't ask for better weather to do this. I felt great just looking at the river and the trees and all those flowers.

Well, there was one little thing. Some crampy cramps in my stomach that come by once a month... lucky me! That's today! Wasn't too bad, but tomorrow would be better and certainly less inconvenient.

We came back to school, I sat on the chair and put the camera on the desk. I have this cute little backpack, only big enough for my wallet, a glass of water and a camera. And some"extra equipment" (the one used on monthly basis) in a small pocket inside with a zip. Clumsy me, and by no means for the first time, I somehow turned it around when all that was unzipped and quite a few things fell on the floor.

When I was picking this

my colleague started laughing, but NOT AT ME, actually she had a story of her own:

"You know how they offer you sweets to taste at the mall? Well, one day I passed a stall like that, I didn't even look, they gave me something I thanked them and went on shopping. I put it in my purse and forgot all about it.

Two days later I took my students somewhere (I think it was another school) and there I was, standing with another teacher, not too hungry, but I felt like eating a little something, so I took it out saying "I wonder what that chocolate is like".

Fast came a thrust of the colleague's elbow accompanied by her soft voice: "Put it away, it's a tampon."


I must say here that they are rather new in this wrapping. and honestly, it could be anything...


  1. Okay, that's just too funny. I'm serious.

  2. How can you be serious, then? :D

  3. Ha. My wife actually handed a tampon over to the cashier instead of her bank card!

  4. Noooo! No! Really? Oh to be a woman is not always easy!

  5. What an unexpected ending to the story! Really made me laugh out loud!!

  6. I'm glad it did! Laughter is healthy!