Friday, 6 March 2009

What's on TV today?

Dust usually lies on things that are used very rarely and rests there until a diligent housewife deals with it.

Our TV is anything but unused. Maybe that is also the reason why I didn't notice the thick layer of that unwanted substance sooner. And when I did, it was ime to do other things (or bedtime), I decided to do it later and then forgot.

I often watch news in the morning, around six o'clock before leaving home. That is my news time. I don't usually watch the evening news. That morning programme helps me - together with my cup of coffee - wake up slowly and easily.

This morning, however, there was something different on: no news, no music, just a nice landscape with a tree and a little sunshine, all framed very neatly:

(click to enlarge)
It was my son that made my morning more interesting and sunnier than usual. No, he is not five. He is seventeen (17!). I guess it's a good thing to be a little childish at all times.

Needless to say, I did the dusting before I left for work. And I'm going to do some more now.


  1. I'll bet a TV show like that is really calming...

  2. That's one sure bet! I'm telling you, when it comes to "calming", this show definitely beats the news! :D

  3. cup of coffee and morning news - the best! makes your day more calm)