Thursday, 5 March 2009

Vivid explanation

We all know about these modern car keys. You can use them from a distance to lock or unlock your car. So far so good.

My colleague was curious, though, what the heck is that other button for. What do you do with that one?

Our headmaster was glad to explain it to her. Sitting in the staffroom and drinking coffee, he explained it and showed it to her:
"If you press this button and hold it for a little while, like this, all four windows come down. It's very convenient in summer, so that the car is aired a little before you even get there. It works from...I don't know...twenty, thirty metres..."

"Oh, I see... I..."

She couldn't finish the sentence when our janitor runs into the staffroom:
"Headmaster!! I don't know what happened, I mean, I don't know why, but suddenly all four windows of the school's car opened!"

Yep, the key does work from distance... and through thick concrete walls!


  1. Now THAT is some powerful key action.

  2. Exactly! We really had a good laugh out of it!

  3. Hilarious! The poor janitor though...I can picture him having a heart attack. ;)

  4. Nooo, not really... he was very surprised, though... seeing no explanation for what happened... He's a sweet guy!