Thursday, 19 March 2009

My Cup of Coffee

I promised Skye the other day that I would tell a little something about my kind of coffee, after I said her kind was not my kind. :) I certainly don't think your coffee is worse, Skye. I hope you know that.

From the beginning:

In the morning the alarm on my cell phone wakes me around five. I still have some time, no rush there, but I often get up right after that to enjoy the quiet of that particular part of the day. I open the cupboard and I swear, I could do it in sleep, I fill this coffee pot (or what would you call it?) and in a minute or so you can see THIS:

A quick visit to the bathroom and a look when I come back:


In the morning when I drink coffee alone, I take my mug and pour the coffee in it

... add some sugar (sweetener? yuck!) Now what else is missing? I don't drink it black (it would be healthier, though), sooo, yep, some milk!

I have another coffee pot, a big sister of the one you've just seen:

I use it when my sweetheart comes by. Then I don't drink it from my mug, but pour it in two cups like this:

But my big coffee pot is not the little one's only relative! Here's the one that waits for me at school:

See the wall behind it? Time for painting, yes. Having a cooker so close is not the best idea, I guess. As safe as all that is (and it is), people have forgotten about it and the result... well, can't be proud about it. The curtains on the other side? Whose idea was that??

The pot is for nine cups, I think. Since I'm early and it's become a routine, it's very easy to make sure that coffee is ready when the rest of them come, so that the smell of coffee welcomes them at the door. One of my colleagues then usually pours it for me - when I'm sitting by the computer, finishing something or just doing something not very important. We chat a little and the morning starts nicely and easily. And coffee sure has something to do with it.

Lesson after lesson leave you no time for coffee. Besides, a cup of tea or cocoa is better sometimes so that caffeine in your blood doesn't reach a dangerous level. But, as I said, NO TIME. For the short, five minute breaks, we have this beast:

Does the trick, but again, not my cup of coffee...

The one shown above is. Strong, with a nice smell... not coffee you could sip all the time, though. One, two, maybe three cups a day and that's enough. But those cups... mmmm!... Sit down and enjoy!


  1. I love seeing a coffee post.

    I also use a stovepot. Every morning.

    I also like cafetiere, but stovepot is my morning one.

    I grind my own beans from, I highly recommend.

    Of my favourite luxuries, wine, beer and coffee, coffee is my first love!

  2. Gee - makes me wish I could - but coffee just gives me a tummy ache. Tea, though, I drink with pleasure.

  3. "Caffettiera" is what we call this. What do you call "cafetiere", mo.stoneskin?

    Mary ellen, HELLOOO! :-)
    I have tea sometimes as well, Earl Grey with just a little milk and sugar...

  4. This was so lovely and comforting to read!!

  5. i use hershey's dark chocolate syrup instead of sugar. it kinda makes it taste like a mocha.

  6. I love coffee perked on the stove, even better though is when you perk it like that on the fire first thing when camping. Ohhh there's nothing better!

    So saying, I am so addicted to coffee that I drink roughly 18 mugs every morning. If Silv is over, the two of us go through 3 sometimes 4 of the 12 cup pots. "Each pot makes roughly 7 mugs, as opposed to the 12 cups it claims :D"

  7. You definitely wouldn't drink 18 mugs of THIS coffee... or not more than once :D

  8. Minka, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Well, I found that Europe changed a whole lot of things about myself.:) After living there ten years, it had quite an effect. I hope to be living there again one day. As for the coffee there, American coffee does not compare. There is nothing like going to going to get fresh bread in the mornings and having a cup of coffee from the bakery, or sitting in an outdoor cafe in the afternoons, enjoying of latte. Yes, you make it the real way.:) I was using a French press and I love coffee made with a french press, but I have trouble finding good coffee beans close to me. I know there are going to be some places where you can get coffee very similar to European coffee, but Starbucks is not one of them. One of the things I have found since coming back to America is that a cup of coffee was much more consistent in Europe. Here, you might get a decent cup one time, the next, it will not be worth drinking. Anyways, I love your post and I appreciate you checking mine out. Have a wonderful day! I do not see where you are from? Maybe I have been there?:)