Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What makes your morning?

I like mornings. If I only have enough time. Isn't it nice to get up before others do, have a cup of coffee in peace and start the day slowly?

I usually come to work much before I need to and have time to think it over - what I'm going to do and how. I check a blog or two and in the meantime, I make coffee for my colleagues. And myself, of course. Maybe I write a few comments and then people stasrt dropping into the staff room. One of my colleagues often pours coffee for me - isn't that just sweet - and start talking about one thing or another. No tension. i like coming to work and I feel blessed for it.

Let me end here and look for some exercises now.


  1. Hey Minka
    Considering the liking of your books and intellect
    I just wanted to tell you -do learn from people about Buddhism.
    Try searching about
    I am a follower since few months and have over come some mystic experiences...its like you have to see to belive it types!!!
    My live has so far changed to 180 degree!!

  2. I'll look it up. I'm not very likely to convert or anything like that, BUT THANK YOU for your good thoughts!!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

    I wish I had your love for mornings; I want to get up earlier, but boy do I like my sleep. I could get so much more done, and more leisurely too.

  4. I was the same. Then I HAD TO get up earlie. Then I found out how peaceful mornings are and I could make them MINE. :D

  5. I enjoy mornings, if they're not rushed. Unfortunately, mine usually are, unless there's an excess of snow. So sugar would probably make my morning.

  6. The thing is, I take my son to the railway station and then I don't feel like going back home - it doesn't make much sense - so I always come to works early. Then I can start really slowly. At home I also don't like hurrying (the train won't wait) so I get up in time, so I can get ready in peace. This is the kind of morning that I like.

  7. Do tell!

    I really wanna know the story behind your sticker! :)

    Come back and share!